Friday, January 13, 2012

INTERIOR DESIGN WHAT THE FU...............N :D lol

Hell yeah !! finally my EXAM is finish, yahoooo ........... !!!! :D, i'm so happy that i can through my exam for this semester quite smooth *hopefully .. but yeaah it was so hard, not the exam test but the assignment that i must submit before i took the exam.. for example for my interior design assignment, it made me can't sleep at all .. i mean really really couldn't sleep at all !! can you imagine that you must design a build which you must also design the each part of the interior .. that so much thing to do ! but now i little bit relieve that i can through it although i don't really impressed with my design though .. so i wanna show you my design but please don't be rude T.T mine isn't the best ..

Oh yeah .. for this assignment i didn't render it because the 3D is SO HEAVY that it took such a long time to do it and the deadline really tight that i can't effort for it.. so here we GO !!

if you don't what is BUNAKEN you can use google to search it wakakakaka :D
and this building use for an exhibition


OMO~ really want to render it they look so blaaah..Arrrggghhh !!! 

but by the way i really want to hear your comment, just please leave me a comment ok ?

till next time guys byeee~


  1. omigoooood keren bangeeet cinta kuuuu....
    btw suka warna biru ijo-laut gtu yaa?
    abiz karya-nya mirip background blog..hihi

  2. SeVeRuSLoVez : thank you mer .. :D eh dasarnya aku malah g suka biru looh .. background blog itu salah satu dinding di bangunan ini karena temanya bunaken laut laut gitu jadinya mesti biru ijo2 gitu hahaha ..

  3. Wah menarik temanya, walau ngga dirender tapi udah cukup komunikatif buat dipresentasikan. I Like the ur cute furnitures and decoration there, quite integrated with the theme :)

    btw, aq follow blogmu via GFC, if u like u can follow me back^^ at
    thank u :)

  4. kak, aku juga tertarik sih sama arsitektur. tapi masih bingung nih,, enak ngggak kak? apa harus bener2 jago matematik kah?
    terus peluangnya gimana kedepan buat arsitektur ini?