Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cheap December Haul

Ini haul sebenernya bukan karena butuh tapi karena lagi pengen ngilangin stress =.=", curhat dikit nih .. aku sekarang susah banget bagi waktu antara kuliah, magang dan ngeblog. Pulang-pulang sampe rumah pasti udah tepar apalagi harus ngerjain tugas kuliah dan laporan magang #guling-guling jadi maklumin aja yaa blog ini bakalan banyak hantunya .. 

" kemaren ngambil fotonya ngaco banget, warna gak sesuai sama aslinya *tuh blush on kaga mere-mere kayak gitu*.. dari pada sesatnya nanggung aku edit aja sekalian biar nampol sesatnya"

 Nah hari rabu kemaren aku ceritanya mau ke Jalan Solo cari kiamboy di toko obat cina langganan, entah kenapa aku malah *mlipir* ke Gardena beli lenongan terus gak jadi beli kiamboy gara-gara duitnya mepet habis beli buat lenongan keluar Gardena malah hujan.

Aku rencananya cuma pengen Red-A translucent powder sama Viva eyeshadow cream yang silver doang, cuma karena aku gampang keracunan sendiri liat printilan make up kasian sama BAnya itung-itung melancarkan usahanya jadinya aku beli beberapa item lagi kayak Blush on viva no.1, Lipstick Red-A no 608 sama Eye Creamnya Viva

Tumben-tumbenan vick pake bahasa?, iya nih soalnya lagi ngerjain tugas tapi *mlipir* bentar =.=, kalo nginggris ntar kelamaan *selak nangis tugasku*

Ya udah gitu dulu .. mau lanjut ngedate sama mas PERAS "Perancangan Arsitektur" dulu, yang jomblo jangan sirik yaa (ngaca please ...)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wet N Wild Now Available in Indonesia

Yes ! finally Wet N Wild is available in Indonesia, i'm sure although it's just recently available in here.. you guys make up addicts surely know this brand very well, because this brand is a famous US drugstore make up brand.

And couple weeks ago Wet N Wild Indonesia kindly sent me some their products to be reviewed on my blog. If you wanna know about some products that i got you can check on my review below :))

FYI although i got these stuffs for free or sponsored, my review is totally pure of my honest opinion

They sent me a T-shirt, eyebrow kit, nail polish, blusher and also their book catalog :))

1. Wet N Wild Mega Last Nail Color in Undercover

Product's description : 
Sophisticated, classic colors beautifully accent any look. Long-lasting, opaque color provides 5 days of chip-resistant wear. A revolutionary resin polymer system creates exceptional color adhesion to nails. This resilient polish is calcium and mineral fortified to rebalance and prevent nail discoloration. Comes with a unique, full-coverage brush that glides on smooth for one-stroke application. Toluene, phthalate, and formaldehyde free.

On top of bottle you can read "Pro Brush ManiCurve" clearly. The brush is very different with other ordinary nail polish brush because as you can see the brush is like three time bigger. With this unique brush i found that it has pros and cons side .. The pros are one stroke is enough for each nail because the brush is big (FYI i usually took 3-4 stroke for each nail with my other nail polish), for 5 nails i only took one dip and the cons is if you have such a cute tiny nails it will not easy to apply it cleanly but because my nails are big i don't have any problem with it :)

I got in shade Undercover and it has such a pretty color. The color is warm milky pink .. because it has warm undertone it shows nice on my yellow skin tone, although pink is my favorite color but still i prefer nude or brownish shade for my nails hahahaa ..

They claims it's provides 5 days of chip-resistant wear and guess what it's TRUE ! i used it for a week and still looks good without any chipped.

What i love :
  • Affordable
  • Applicator is unique
  • Good staying power
  • Easy to dry
What i hate :
  • Nothing

2. Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash Brown

Product's description : 
Mini brow salon in a handy, purse-friendly compact with all the essential tools to shape, smooth, define, and maintain perfect brows. This five-piece set includes a soft wax that shapes brows, two setting powders for definition, a hard angle brush for easy application, and mini tweezers for stray hairs.

It comes with 1 setting wax, 2 colored brow powders, 1 tweezer, 1 applicator. By the way where is the mirror ?!! .. :O

The mirror is here ! on the side of product, you just have to pull it out, it's quite big eeh ..

In one product we got 2 shades brow powders .. 

2 = Ash brown
3 = Dark brown

FYI i swatched it without the setting wax and as you can see it's pigmented. What i love the most about this brow kit is it doesn't have any red undertone like my other eyebrow products. Totally love the shade because it matches really well with my hair..

Please please please don't bother with my ugly messy eyebrow :( .. i just wanna to show you before and after using this eyebrow kit. In this photo i'm using setting wax + brow powder no. 2

The other good thing about Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Kit is it has great staying power, more than 6 hours it doesn't fade or anything (look at my picture above)

What i love :
  • Affordable
  • No reddish undertone
  • Good staying power
  • Pigmented
  • Match perfectly with my hair
What i hate :
  • Sometime it will look harsh if don't apply it carefully because it's so pigmented

3. Wet N Wild Color Icon Blusher in Pearlscent Pink

Product's description : 
Sweep on this silky-smooth blush that strikes the perfect balance between a blendable transparent sheen and a radiant pop of maximum color. A special blend of treated nylon powders provides long-lasting color. Dermatologist-tested.
It comes with NO mirror and angled brush. Although the brush looks OK but it's really stiff .. i got OUCH!'s feeling when i use the brush for applying the blush T.T so i don't use that brush again.

The texture are quite powdery but still tolerable, buttery and blends very well on my skin

Pearlscent pink is warm pink with golden shimmer, I really love the shimmer because it gives me a glowy satin finish <3

What i love :
  • Affordable
  • Pigmented 
  • Gives my face nice glow
  • Blends very well
  • The shade is so cute
What i hate :
  • Staying power is so-so
  • Powdery
  • Tricky, sometimes it can over pigmented

Inside the book catalog :D 

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Thank you for visiting my blog, if there are any question you can always leave the comment anytime :)) !

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aaah So Refreshing~ ..

After accident i never buy a make up or such a thing .. maybe it's about more than 2 months i guess, aargh super frustrating laa~ :(( especially i'm kind a girl who relieve a stress by buying a beauty product huhuhu .. 

So a couple days ago i decided to go to Mirota Kampus to buy some make ups and some other things, i was like " OMG finally i can do my favorite hobby .." LOL

And these are some couple items that i bought 

1. Ranee eyeshadow cream transparant
2. Ranee eyeshadow cream no.04
3. Random nail polish remover
4. Eyebrow trimmer
5. Pixy nail polish Br-02
6. Pixy Blusher in Inoccent Pink 01
7. Ranee matic eyeliner
8. Ranee liquid eyeliner
9. Trisia eye care

As you can see most of them are Ranee's products, it's my first time to try their products and i do love them , maybe i'll buy some items from this brand again for some reviews like i did for Rivera's products .. hehe excited ? please looking forward for it :D .. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jogja Herbal Treatment and Culinary Center

My assignment for midterm test, it just a scematic design not detail yet .. the theme is Urban Farming. 



Beside APREB i also made a mock up and a proposal .. All of those stuffs made me lack of sleep for a week , CRAZY !! but still I Love Architecture  :D haha ..

Till next time, Bye !

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review : Vivian Pineapple Grey

Hi everyone long time no see ~ today i wanna share to you about my new pair of circle lens, i bought this lens about 2 weeks ago, it's my first time to try a circle lens in a really big in diameter .. i usually only buy 14.00 mm, 14.20 mm and 14.50 mm for my circle lens but this circle lens that i bought is 17.20 in diameter, huahahaa ..sounds scary right ?

This circle lens called  Vivian Pineapple Grey, and it's a DUPE of Vassen forest .. i bought Vivian Pineapple because i saw at some beauty forums this circle lens has a opaque and vibrant color, my eyes is super pigmented and all circle lens i've tried before always look dark/almost black on my eyes =.="

Description :
Vivian Pineapple Grey
DIA : 17.2 mm 
B.C : 8.6
Water : 56 %
Life span : 1 year
Made in : Japan 

It comes with vial bottle like other circle lens, i love the pattern on the sticker it's really simple yet pretty

I saw on many beauty portals that Vivian Pineapple Grey will look like cataract eyes when you put on because it has very vibrant and opaque, but it doesn't happen to me .. i can't see it is a GREY color because on me it looks more GREENISH, i only see the grey color when i take photo with blitz but still it doesn't look like cataract eyes.

This me with Vivian Pineapple Grey

I don't recommend if you using this lens without make up, it's too unnatural and too big for daily basic .. i prefer using this lens when i go out in the night time.

  • Color_Design 8/10 : unique, it tri tone color but doesn't make your eyes like a lizard
  • Comfort 10/10 : TOP, i usually get my eyes dry in air conditioner room when i use my other lenses but it doesn't
  • Enlargement 10/10 : It's not 17,20 mm in real life .. i think it just 15,00 mm but still it makes my eyes super BIG !
  • Overall 10/10 : overall i love this lens so much because it's so comfy and it gives innocent and cute effect on me.

By the way i got my giveaway prize from yesterday super exciting to try these stuff, by the way please check out her blog and her youtube account .. Her make up skill is DAEBAK !! hahaha 

Thanks for visiting my blog, see you next time !!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Circle Lens Haul

Hallo beauties~ .. because my Geo fresh grey and Geo tricolor brown already expired i decided to buy some circle lens for stock *i still have Geo jazz brown aka BC-102* and lucky me today package arrived, it only took 2 days till i get it. And by the way as usual this circle lens i bought at hehe~

I bought only 2 pairs, one clear contact and other is the colored one.

1. Oxi-five UV Blocker
BC : 8,60
DIA : 14,0 mm
Water contain : 55%
Made in UK

2. Vivian Pineapple in Grey
BC : 8,60
DIA : 17,2
Water contain : 56 %
Made in Japan

Super drolling laa~ but i can't use it before i get my artificial teeth WTF ! hahaha~

By the way have you ever use those brands before ? please share with me ^^

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick Review + Swatches Viva Lipstick No. 10 & 22

Hallo another lipstick review from me~ *tebar-tebar racun*, today i'll review lipsticks from Viva cosmetics .. FYI Viva cosmetics is Indonesian low end brand, their range prices are about IDR 3.000-35.000 .. hahaha super cheap~ .. If you are interested with their lipsticks you can check out this review !

It has small tube with dark blue packaging, not so pretty but not ugly either .. the bad thing is the packaging is kind a fragile *maklum kekuatan kuli*

I can't remember the exact price but i guess it's about $8 or IDR 8.000, very cheap ! yippie~ ..

No 10---No 22
No 10, on the tube is PEACH but after i put on my lips it change in to PALE PINK
No 22, is BROWN with slight of ORANGE color

It has lip balm~y texture, it's very smooth and really easy to slide on. I find that these lipsticks don't make my lips drying *on me*

Viva Lipstick No 10

Viva Lipstick No 22
Huaahaha .. i applied lipstick messily xD .. Focus, these lipsticks unfortunately have a POOR pigmentation especially No 10, i must reapply more than 5 times for a good result. No 22 has better pigmentation.

I can't describe what kind of smell is it, it's quite strong .. but it doesn't annoy me for sure

Bad staying power ! 1-2 hours it's fade away

What i love :
  • Small packaging
  • Cheap
  • Smooth application
  • Lip balm~y texture
  • Doesn't drying out my lips
What i hate :
  • Bad pigmentation
  • Not long lasting
  • Fragile packaging
Repurchase : Maybe, i have too much lip products right know =.="

Hope you enjoy my review and if you wanna ask me something you can always tweet me on @vheQyu, see you next time !