Saturday, July 16, 2011

circle lens and geo nudy gray review

everybody annyeong~ ..

today i'm gonna do a review for a circle lens, circle lens is known as a big contact lens ( it can be a big diameter or it result eye's pupil look larger  and it can both). you know because most of asian have a small eyes therefore circle lens is soo popular in asia. 

basically circle lens is same as ordinary contact lens but circle lens can make your eyes appear bigger than if 
you use ordinary contact lens, because the pattern of circle lens is full untill the edge and "most" of  them have a black ring at the outer lens.

this is for the example :

look!!it has a black bold outer ring right ?

i have some comparison between ordinary contact lens and circle lens, please take look ...

me with ordinary contact lens 14,5 mm (a+ Q hazel) :

me with circle lens 14,00 mm (geo nudy gray) :

as you can see although the diameter of circle lens that i use is smaller than my ordinary contact lens but my eyes look bigger and dolly look.

alright then lets review the geo nudy gray :

  • pattern : some people say that it'll make their eyes look like a lizard's eyes ?? BIG noo .. trust me it's really pretty, it is not really opaque and blend so well in my eyes (i have very dark brown eyes). you can not see the pattern if you dont see it close up.
  • color : in indoor it will look more dark blue than gray and it doesn't show off untill the lighting is bright. in outdoor it will look dark gray.
  • comfort : i'm using it almost 8 months or more, and it still very comfort, it doesn't make my eyes dry or tired.. and also i can using it untill 7 hours or more 
  • price : cheap, i got it for $12 exclude shipping cost

my picts using geo nudy gray :

with the flash

for you girls that really want to use a circle lens but not really bold (opaque), enhance your eyes so well i really recommend this lens ..

so that's all my review, if you have some questions .. please ask me :D

Sunday, July 10, 2011


have you heard looklet ?

looklet is some kind of website that similar like a styling studio but in digital, we act like we are a stylist choose the model, the clothes etc etc ...  it's so fun and addicting, hahaha 

if you are interesting to be a virtual stylist you can click here, and this is my account vheqyu let be a friend in looklet too :D

this is some of my creations, i'm not such a pro but i hope you like it .. :D

1. sexy tribe

2. high end girl

3. i'm ready to go

4. crazy woman

5. let me shopping

6. old school

which one do you like the most ?

i dont hate comment :))

my favorites makeup guru

everybody annyeong~ !!! hahaha .. today i'm gonna post some of my favorite makeup guru, i'll randomly list them coz i'm confused which i love the most.

so here we goes ...

1. jen frmheadtotoe

aigooo~ so pretty and cute
    I really love her, she is the first makeup guru that i watched its tutorial. She looks very young, first .. when i was look her video i though that she younger than me, hahahaha ... she's actually 26. 

    here is her blog frmheadtotoe and here is her youtube channel youtube frmheadtotoe, dont forget to follow and subscribe her.

    first video that i watched :

    dolly eyes tutorial

    my favorite tutorial :
    boa "game" inspired makeup tutorial

    she's so amazing huh ? 

    2. michelle phan

    sooo gorgeous!!!!

    She's one of most famous makeup guru i guess, lately she works in lancome. Something that very interesting is she always use a plasma tv screen as a background hahhahaha so creative, we musn't go somewhere to get nice background, so inspiring.

    here is her blog michelle phan and her youtube channel youtube MichellePhan

    her makeup tutorial that i love the most :

    hatsune miku makeup tutorial
    hahahhaa .. it was like watching a anime movie, thumbs up for you michelle !!

    3. promise tamang phan

    OMG, her makeup skill is super amazing !!!, she can make her face look like anyone that she want to be. First when i look her makeup tutorial my jaw like almost dropped, hahahaha .. i was so shocked. 

    please take a look her transformation
    as angelina jolie
    as jessica rabbit
    as taylor swift
    as megan fox

    hahaha ... what's ur opinian guys??

    here is her youtube channel dope2111 and her facebook account promise tamang phan
    my favorite her makeup tutorial :

    little mermaid makeup look

    4. exteeener

    I love her because her make up is simple and easy to learn. If you wanna learn makeup for daily look i really recommend her.

    here is her blog xteeener and her youtube channel youtube xteeener

    my favorite her makeup tutorial :
    elegant prom makeup 

    5. bubzbeauty

    kyaaaa too cute >.<

    I love her because she is so adorable and so funny (i like watching her vlog too, hahahaha), please visit her blog bubzbeauty and her youtube channel youtube bubzbeauty

    my favorite her makeup tutorial :

    6. miss pixie lulu

    i really love her .. she's so cute and also adorable >.< , and she's really humble and down to earth too~..someday i commented to her facebook page and she answered me :D (i'm really lucky).. hahaha if you wanna see awesome makeup tutorial please visit her youtube channel in here and her facebook page in here, dont forget to subcribe her ok ? ... 

    and here is my favorite from her tutorial :

    aigoooo~ so pretty !!

    7. jeanisfreakncool

    So sad .. she rarely post a makeup tutorial now days, i dont know why.. whereas i think her shape face with mine kind a similar.. so i think i can follow her as my guideline to do a makeup. 

    you can follow her blog in jeanisfreakncool and her youtube channel in here youtube jeanisfreakncool

    my favorite her makeup tutorial :

    kim kardashian inspired look

    that's all my favorite makeup guru, and what's yours ? ..

    to all makeup guru : 

    thanks for making all the girls in world pretty, make them believe in their self that they all worth it.
    you know .. sharing same as caring, thanks for care us for all this time.. you are such a nice and kind hearted. 

    Thursday, July 7, 2011


    Hello guys .. long time no see, i'm kind a little bit busy last week. My aunt and some of my mother's friend visited us to spend holiday for a week .. and it was exhausted me a bit. 

    Anyway .. today i want to review a local bb cream (it's the first bb cream from indonesian makeup brand i think, correct me if i'm wrong)

    This product isn't sell in single pieces yet, we must buy the series package that contain of two way cake, lipstick and bb cream. there are three series (everlast, luminizing, and fair white). For the price ? it's kind a cheap... the fair white series is $ 5.5, the everlast series is $ 6.5, and the luminizing series is $ 7.5.

    here is the package

    my own bb cream (everlast series)

    the swatch

    blend blend blend

    these bb cream contain of scrubs / granules, but when you apply and blend it well on your face it'll disappear (but there is a time you feel like you scrub your face). every series contain granules ? i dont know, and i hope not .. because i'm quite curious with the luminizing bb cream and it's two way cake .. :p

    what i love :
    - cheap
    - blend so well
    - perfect match with my skintone
    - oil control quite good

    what i hate :
    - it's break me out, i had some big pimples after using it for about a week and after i stopped using it my pimples slowly disappear. i guess it cause of the granules .. i'm breakout after using facial scrub too, yeaaaah my skin very sensitive with scrubs/granules i think it make clog pores and also make some pimples appear ..

    disclaimer : you have to wash your face very well after you use this product so that you'll not be breakout

    keep beauty guys, chuuu~