Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review : Wardah lipstick matte no.15 bronze nude

It's been a long time that i didn't post anything :((, miss you guys so much .. today i wanna review about Wardah lipstick matte no.15 bronze nude (Wardah is Indonesian brand).

And here's the stuff :

so pretty, right ?

here's comparison between no.20 nuddish peach and no.15 bronze nude :

right : bronze nude
left : nuddish peach
bronze nude slightly more brownish than nuddish peach

Swatch :

with flash

without flash
-_____-!! i don't know why they look so different on my hand 

bare lip

up : nuddish peach
down : bronze nude
nuddish peach is too pale for me and bronze nude is PERFECT for me *yeaay finally i found nude lipstick that perfect match with my skin tone*

    what i love :
    • cheap, it's about $2.4
    • a lot of variation shades
    • can find it easily
    • halal
      what i hate :
      • hard to blend, sometimes it's clumpy
      • makes my lips dry
      • makes my lips red purple~lish after using it *i don't know why* a bit similar if you use bright red lipstick and you remove it .. i can't describe though *sigh*

      hope it usefull, till next time !!! :D

      Sunday, September 4, 2011

      Fake beauty thingy

      Hello guys today i'm gonna post something that i guess it's very important for you girls !! so please don't skip read this post, ok ? ..

      As we know that there're tons of fake beauty stuff now days especially make up, but some people don't know that those thingy are exist and they don't know how to distinguish which the original and fake one. 

      Really ? some people don't know it ? .. it's ridiculous but yeah there're some, and some my friends is for examples ..

      1. I found PONDS eyeliner/eyebrow pencil in my friends bedroom, i never heard that PONDS has a decorative products ( -____-!!) and you know what it was 30 cm long .. can you imagine it ?, OMG how can she bought that thingy and use it ..

      2. One day my friends said "OMG mac palette is so tempting last night i saw it at online shop album on facebook .. and etc" .. 

      you mean this stuff ?

      *it remain me of sleek palette*

      or you mean this?

      120 eyeshadow palette ? LOL :D

      all that products are totally FAKE !! mac isn't kind hearted company that selling 12 or 120 eyeshadows in one palette :D .. 

      They only sell max 4 eyeshadows palette like this ..

      And sell empty palette and custom your own palette (depot your own single eyeshadow into empty palette)

      see those pictures below :




      We must be careful with those fake stuffs, because we don't know exactly ingredients inside of it and it must be harmful.

      So should we do ? ..

      • Only buy high end brands stuff only on their official website or their counters
      • When it crazy cheap you should be suspicious
      • Look the packaging, print, and color if it looks cheap it must a FAKE one
      • Every time you'll buy any stuff via online or NOT you must check their official website !! SOME fake products don't exist on their own website ..
      • Join girls/beauty forums it a MUST to avoid fooled by jerk sellers :D

      Till next time !!

      Thursday, September 1, 2011

      Meet my baby

      Let me introduce my baby :D, her name is Macan (in Indonesian it called tiger) .. i have adopted her about half a year ..

      Where did i find her ? i found her in the trash front of my house eating TISSUE, can you imagine what i felt at the moment ? :'(( so yeah .. after that i gave her some food to eat but she still afraid of me, this condition was almost for a month ..

      Macan is kind weird cat, almost 6 months she doesn't want to be touch or anything .. *so weird* hahaha but if i bring her a food she will be very spoiled BUT sometimes if i don't bring anything she act so spoiled too~ i guess she is a MOODY cat hahaha ... :D 

      It's about a week i've taught her how to kiss my check and voilla now she CAN !! yeeeay now she is a dolphin LOL :D hahaha...

      and here is my Macan 

      "hey what are you looking at ?" she said


      hahahaha .. what's she doing ?

      it was taken when she got sore eye *eyesore? oh my english is so bad* :((

      i love her so much and i hope she does :D, thanks for reading .. so you guys later !!