Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner

Hello-hello~ how are you guys ? me quite dizzy .. i don't know why i always got headache now days :(( 

By the way it such a long time ago i won a giveaway from diaryofaproductjunkie.blogspot.com but i always forget to post it on my blog T.T

and the things that i got are 

thank you so much Stephanie i really appreciate it :D


This product called Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner, actually this is my mom's eyeliner but she doesn't like it so that she gave it to me :D

This packaging really look like a pen or marker, maybe my brother will use it for writing if he doesn't find any pen to write LMAO :D

Slim and small so that it so easy to carry in my case

The applicator is like a marker


with flash

See ! it really easy to apply, you can make a thin or thick line with it

(Please ignore my dry skin, after i had vacation to Madiun my skin is SO dry i don't why)

without flash

It's not really opaque black which i DONT really like it

Because it's not opaque so that i must reapply for many times and still it's NOT covering the line, can you see the spare part on it ?

what i love :
  • Small and slim packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • Quite cheap $6-$7
  • Pointed applicator
what i hate :
  • Not opaque black
  • Hard to cover the line

Thanks for reading, bye-bye~

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hi all ! how's your day ? .. hope it great, today i wanna have chit chat with you guys so please COMMENT this post OK ? ^.~ ..

As a beauty products addict i heart so much watching youtube, blog walking or just browsing from google .. and i saw some brand that claimed their products are PARABEN FREE so i was like "what is paraben ? what makes some brands raving about free of paraben ? paraben is a dangerous thing or something ?"

So that i tried to find out what is exactly paraben is .. 

"Parabens are a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Parabens are effective preservatives in many types of formulas. These compounds, and their salts, are used primarily for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties. They can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, shaving gels, personal lubricants, topical/parenteral pharmaceuticals, spray tanning solution, makeup, and toothpaste. They are also used as food additives."

"Average levels of 20 nanograms/gram of parabens have been detected in a small sample of 20 breast tumors. These findings, along with the demonstrated ability of some parabens to partially mimic estrogen, a hormone known to play a role in the development of breast cancers, have led some scientists to conclude that the presence of parabens may be associated with the occurrence of breast cancer, and to call for investigation into whether or not a causal link exists ....."

taken from wikipedia

I was like WTH .. i mean seriously most of our product are mostly contain of paraben and it can cause breast cancer ? i try my self to read ingredients some of my products like powder, bb cream, body lotion and etc most of it contain paraben (butyl paraben, ethyl paraben, methyl paraben, propyl paraben) .. oh that's freaking me out ..

Whether those article correct or not but maybe from now we should read ingredients of ALL the products before we buy it. Preventive better than curative right ? ..

So what do you thing guys ? Is there anything chemical that we need to avoid beside paraben ? please tell me ..

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Etude House Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #16

Hi all !it will be long weekend because of Chinese new year, what's your plan to spend your holiday guys ?

Today i wanna do a quick review of a korea make up brand that called Etude House, i'm sure that you all have known this brand already .. yeep because of Hallyu wave that spread the world lately makes korean make up popular too~

The product that i got is Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #16, i didn't bought it my self because i got it from my Mom's friend that had a tour to Korea.. so i don't know exactly the price is :F but i guess it's about 7$-8$ (?).

image source : google

from the ads above you can see that the applicator can rolling on your lips when you apply it that's way it called roll roll gloss

#16 is clear gloss 

pretty cute packaging

the applicator :

Swatches :

i'm not kind a lipgloss person because i don't like sticky feel on my lips but not for this product because it has a WATERY texture which isn't sticky at all and really moist

what i love :
  • Watery texture
  • Moist
  • Smells like fruit punch *very sweet smell*
  • Not sticky
  • It's really fun to use it because the applicator is rolling~
what i hate :
  • Nope


Have you tried this products ? which color is yours ?

thanks for reading, byeeee~

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rivera cover foundation in natural

Hello hello all~ !! recently i visited my relatives at Madiun for 4 days and there's no internet at my relative's house so yeah it's kind a boring that i couldn't update youtube, facebook or anything like that ..but it was quite nice  holiday :D

Now i wanna review a foundation called Rivera cover foundation that i LOVE but sadly the shade is so weirdoo~ i always use shade natural or natural beige for any face products from any brands and always match with my skin tone .. but for this product ? big Naaahh~  it's to PINK for me i don't know why whereas i've the TWC from Rivera also in shade natural and it's perfect match with skin tone.  

Here's the product


see how PINK is it ?? 

Although it's cheap but i don't want to dump it so i use this thingy for CREAM BLUSH and it really works !! easy to blend and long lasting also :D 

what i love :
  • Only $2.5
  • Great coverage
  • Easy to blend
  • Small packaging
  • Waterproof
what i hate :
  • Weirdoo~ shade
I still wanna seek the shade that match with my skin tone because overall i really like this product beside the shade

thanks for reading, see you next time !!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pixy UV Whitening Gentle Cleansing Express Alcohol Free

Hi all it's time for product's REVIEW !!

it called Pixy UV Whitening Gentle Cleansing Express Alcohol Free

I bought this removal because it's alcohol free, and my eyes and my skin is kind sensitive with a harsh alcohol whatsoever and i can't stand about the burn feeling on my face so that before i found this product i never use any makeup removal .. i only use facial foam to remove my make up.

here's the product :

Testing how it works :

left to right

maybelline impact express eyeliner-pixy mascara-pixy liquid eyeliner-caring colours bb cream-fanbo eyeshadow-wardah mate lipstick in peach-pixy blush on in salmon orange

1st swap result :

sorry i didn't take picture for final result

what i love :
  • only $1
  • it's not sting my eyes
  • can remove my waterproof eyeliner and mascara
what i hate :
  • unclean feeling after use it because it makes my face feels oily

thanks for reading, and till next time byee~

Friday, January 13, 2012

INTERIOR DESIGN WHAT THE FU...............N :D lol

Hell yeah !! finally my EXAM is finish, yahoooo ........... !!!! :D, i'm so happy that i can through my exam for this semester quite smooth *hopefully .. but yeaah it was so hard, not the exam test but the assignment that i must submit before i took the exam.. for example for my interior design assignment, it made me can't sleep at all .. i mean really really couldn't sleep at all !! can you imagine that you must design a build which you must also design the each part of the interior .. that so much thing to do ! but now i little bit relieve that i can through it although i don't really impressed with my design though .. so i wanna show you my design but please don't be rude T.T mine isn't the best ..

Oh yeah .. for this assignment i didn't render it because the 3D is SO HEAVY that it took such a long time to do it and the deadline really tight that i can't effort for it.. so here we GO !!

if you don't what is BUNAKEN you can use google to search it wakakakaka :D
and this building use for an exhibition


OMO~ really want to render it they look so blaaah..Arrrggghhh !!! 

but by the way i really want to hear your comment, just please leave me a comment ok ?

till next time guys byeee~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My micro haul

I bought these stuff about a month ago but i don't have anytime to share with you guys, so here we go !! :D

1. Some unbrand brushes
2. Rivera lipstick no 17
3. Rivera lipstick in orange twister (i got it for free :p)
4. Rivera cover foundation in natural
5. Rivera lip liner in delicate purple

that's all !!

i'll review it in separate post so stay tune