Friday, March 30, 2012

I can't drink coffee but i still can wake up on the rest of the night

For an architecture's student sleeping is a diamond, i don't exaggerate but it is the reality .. we spend all night long for doing an assignment. =.=" sometimes i really wanna have experience like other collage girls who can hang out with her friends to the mall buying cutey thingy after finish their class but ME ? i can't do that ! after my class finish we *architecture's student* in rush going back home and start to doing our homework until 4.00am or don't sleeping at all and we do that routine almost in 7 out of 7 days ... my eye's bag getting worst and worst T.T

And unfortunately i can't drink coffee, i always getting sick and wanna throw up when i drink coffee .. and if the caffeine on that coffee a bit high my heart will beating very fast and i can't concentration .. so what do i do to still wake up all night long doing my assignment ? 

1. Spend a little time to watch funny video on youtube, i usually watch kevjumba, nigahiga etc ..yeaaah funny videos can make me a little bit more fresh and less sleepy and i bet you can't hold up your laugh if you watch "Alpha Kenny Body" kevjumba's video or "Facebook The Movie" nigahiga's video.

Kevjumba "Alpha Kenny Body"

Nigahiga " Facebook The movie"

you can check their youtube channel if wanna check their others video, they are really funny .. :D

2. Drink a lot of water to makes me refresh and to keep me concentrating doing assignment

image source :

3. Chatting with my classmate 

image source :

Chatting helps me wake up all night long and also help me if i clumsy with my assignment :D, because i can ask my friends via chatting, i usually use facebook.

Maybe that's all my tips and my own experience to make me wake up when i have a lot of assignment, and what's yours ? please share with me :))

Again ! Mianhe Eunhyuk LOL

In a good mood to editing photo, and again Eunhyuk is my victim LOL

his original photo :

image source : his twitter account @AllRiseSilver

i edited a little bit to be like this 

hahahahaaaa .. mianhe Eunhyuk ! i just a crazy fans that kind a boring today :D
hope you don't mad 

what do you think guys ? 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Super Junior Live in Jakarta

Hello~ hello~ what's up guys !! it's been a quite long time since i don't update my blog, my assignment was KILL damn hard ! i even can't sleep ... 5 out of 7 days i was only not more than 1-1,5 hours sleep which is crazy and my dark circle now even worst than Mr. SBY our president wkwkwkkwkkwk LOL :D ..

But right now i can little bit  breathing because today i have already submitted my assignment :)) * hope i can get good result * 

As you can see on my title post i wanna share with you Indonesian people who are ELFs, your dream will be come true because our boys SUPER JUNIOR will held a SS4 live in Jakarta !!! finally ... 

Please watch this video :

hahahaaa i really laughed so hard when i watched this video, my bias Eunhyuk is so funny LOL .. 

See how "LEBAY" he is when he heard they will have a concert in Jakarta .. 

see Donghae die laughing :D .. *Donghae is my bias too~*

So SS4 live in Jakarta will held at Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta

28 April 2012 (19.00)
29 April 2012 (13.30)

So prepare you self guys to watch this AMAZING concert :D spread so much LOVE and CARE to them

Well i won't see this concert though :(( because i can't afford the ticket *my mom prefer to use our money for my college's semester which is quite pricey* but it's OK .. i've already HAPPY because they finally held Super Show in Indonesia, hahaha Indonesian ELF already waiting this happen for a long time ago :D

For Super Junior, hope you'll enjoy Indonesia !! we love you <3

peace yoo !! :D

Friday, March 16, 2012

Viva Perfecting Eyelash Mascara

As you know Viva Cosmetic recently launched their new products like eye base, liquid liner, automatic liner and also mascara. And lucky me i can try their mascara for free because it's a giveaway prize that i've post HERE .. 

On the carton box if you can see it's made in Germany although it our local brand

The mascara's tube reminds me of my Revlon big brush mascara, but Viva's tube is slimmer a bit

The ingredients

When my mom saw the brush, she was like "hahahahaa .. you'll have to apply like a hundred time to get the good result" because the brush is really small and comb too separate


The pigmentation is not too opaque, as you can see on my hand


1. My real ugly lashes :

My lashes quite long but it's too straight and NO curl at all ! =.="

2. After curl my lashes

I only curl my right lash, i hope you can see the differences 

3. Apply mascara

Apply the mascara like a hundred time on my right eyes but it don't work well, there is NO volumizing or anything but the positive side is it isn't clumpy at all although i applied many times

 SEE ! it almost NO differences between before and after 

What i love :
  • It's FREE
  • Slim tube
  • Can find it easily in my local store
  • No clumpy
What i hate :
  • NO volumizing
  • Doesn't make my lashes longer
  • It isn't opaque black
Repurchase : NO !

Hope you enjoy my quick review, byee !

Recent Haul

Actually i bought these stuff like 2 weeks ago or more but i don't have anytime to share with you guys, sigh~ currently i die for my killer assignment that don't let me have a time for blogging :((  .. 

Some items that i bought : 

1. Skin Aqua UV Whitening Milk SPF 20
2. Maybelline Clear Smooth Compact Powder in Natural
3. Vitacid 0,05% Retinoid Acid 

I'll review these soon, bye~

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rivera lipstick in number 17

Please don't get bored cause i will review about a lip product AGAIN because i totally a lip product JUNKIES although in reality i don't really like to use lipstick (but i do love lip balm for my daily basis) because my lips kind a full so if i put lipstick i fell like my lips is a point of view although i put heavy eye make up .. but it doesn't stop me to collecting lipstick more and more .. *it's sick actually* ..

So today i want to review about Rivera lipstick in number 17, It's my 1st time trying their lipstick although i already tried their cover foundation, shimmer face powder and their two way cake and most of them and i fell ok with it, i mean it worth for the prices.. 

The carton box just like Blaaaahhh~ :p , Javanesse people would definitely called it "NDESO", wkwkwkwk :D

The packaging is look like black color but actually is dark blue and it seems look more luxury than her sister line lipstick, Fanbo

See! it's dark blue right ? 
I don't really mind about their *not so pretty* packaging because i'm kind a *what the hell are thinking about i don't care* person LOL :D

I hope their comes with a name of shade not just number, is it so DIFFICULT to give name for shade ? aahhh~ you just lazy 


The color is FROSTY peach color which is unique, because i never have any frosty lipstick color

Sorry for blurry picture, i only applied on my bottom lips, the texture is quite good and easy to glide on

i applied on my upper and bottom lips
For the scent, it has similar scent with Fanbo lipstick but isn't that strong, for me scent is still tolerable

Finally my camera can capture the real color, but sorry again .. i applied the lipstick messily --"
How pretty is the color ? it's like my MLBB color but in FROSTY 

What i love :
  • Damn cheap, it's about $2
  • Easy to slide on
  • Can find it easily
  • Unique shade
  • Have a nice texture
  • So far doesn't my lips dry or anything
What i hate :
  • Isn't wearable for daily because it's FROSTY
Repurchase : Yes for another color !

that's all my review, till next time byeee~ !!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Wardah Eyeshadow Trio : G

I don't use an eye shadow for daily basis and i rarely use them when i go hang out either, but because i do love make up so i can't hold my self to collecting eye shadow *the affordable one especially*. I have really narrow area on my lid so i usually just put my eye shadow to line my bottom lashes, highlighting my brow bone and also my inner corner and it really works to make my eyes pop !

Today i wanna review an eye shadow from Wardah *Indonesian brand*, i just wanna tell you why i always use english *my poor english* in every post although i review an Indonesian brand or something like that, it just because i hate when i can't understand what people saying in their blog post when those people use their origin  language whereas their blog looks so cute and interesting, so basic on my own experience i'll always use english for my future blog post so everyone in every country can understand what i'm saying, it's OK right ? now days who can't speak english ? ... :))

Stop for rambling, it's time for review !!

my wardah eye shadow is in shade G and it comes with brown gradation color

the packaging looks sleek but i guess it won't last longer, because i have a blush from pixy which has similar packaging like this and it's already broken 

sorry for the blurriness but hope you still can read it

it comes with useless sponge tip and tiny mirror


Ivory--beige--dark brown

They are quite pigmented  and Yes all of them are MATTE ! yahoo finally i found matte eye shadow in Indonesian brand, hahaha  .. it's very hard to find a matte eye shadow in our local brand because most of them are shimmery

what i love :
  • cheap, it's about $3.7
  • have a lot of variation shades
  • can find it easily
  • matte
  • sleek packaging

what i hate :
  • the staying power is so-so
  • the packaging is fragile

Hope you enjoy it, see you next time !

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nivea fruity shine in strawberry

Have you ever try nivea's lip balm before ? me ? i've already tried the blue one *lip care essential* which is i don't like it so much because it's rather than moisten my lip it's more like gives my lips a oil stick or something like that and my lips still dry, yeaah ... the blue one it's horrible for me ! but i find that the fruity shine series way way better .. so let's check out my review

The product :

Why it called shiny ? because this lip balm contain shimmer, have ever try shimmery lip balm before ?

Sorry .. the description is written on Bahasa Indonesia

the tube is just as same as other nivea lip balm, nothing special .. 

Tada !! it looks so licious right ? hahahaha .. can you see the shimmer on it ?

Swatches :

it's shimmery sheer red color but it's still buidable

my ugly bare lips, ROFL :D

1 swap on my bottom lips, can you see the different ? .. by the way i adore with the scent, so sweet strawberry's scent

1 swap on my upper and bottom lips

It's about 3 swaps, unfortunately my camera couldn't capture the real color, it washed out so much in this picture. The real color it's way way vibrant than this and i can say it "quite" similar with some color in revlon lip butter (???) not sure though ...

what i love :
  • It can use for lip balm or lipstick because it has really vibrant color if you put heavily
  • I can find it easily in local drugstore
  • Cheap *don't know the price though* but maybe $2-$4
  • Love the strawberry scent  
  • Cute subtle glitter 
  • Moisturizing my lips 

what i hate :
  • Nope

Definitely repurchase !! it's my current HG, what's yours ?

Thanks for reading guys, see you next time .. byeeee~