Sunday, October 30, 2011

Viva cosmetics gave me some free products

Hello hello !!

i'm come back with super wide smile :D you know why ?? because viva cosmetics gave me a box of free products, yeaaaayy !!! *i love free stuff* .. Thanks a lot Viva i really appreciate it~ :))

and here is that i got from them :

-_____- my brother ripped it before i came home

inside the treasure box LOL :D

these are what i got !!! it's A LOT, they're so kind :))

i got eye shadow duo in number 4

swatch :

description : 
brown with hint of orange and beige and both of them contain shimmer *i adore shimmer*

i really like this color !! :D because lately i want a beige/nude eye shadow .. and now i have it yeaay !!! 

this lipstick in number 52

swatch :

description :
bright red with hint of plum

you know i'm kind a nude lipstick person so i gave this lipstick to my mother *she's bright lipstick sucker :D* but i curious with other shade and i hope i can buy it soon and by the way the texture is OK and doesn't make lips dry

left : eye & lip make remover 
i have tried this and it could remove eye shadow and non waterproof mascara

right : moisturizer with UV filter & green tea extract
i really surprised that this product is good, first time i was skeptical it'll work on me but when i used this all day long and washed my face in the evening .. my face felt really smooth :D

face powder in natural white
i haven't try this but i hope at least the shade will suit on my skin tone

Viva hand & body lotion bengkuang

and the last i got book catalog that contain of their products list and also quick tutorial *it's very helpful for me to choose their products in the future*

HOW CAN I GOT THAT  FREE PRODUCTS ? super EASY !! just click and register as a exclusive member on that site and you'll get that free products like me ... for more information you can also like their fan page on facebook :  *for Indonesian ONLY*

till next time guys, bye bye !!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review : Geo fresh grey (fc-725)

Hi guys what's up ? my homeworks a bit kill me that's way i didn't post anything lately, miss me ? of course NO .. hahahaha :D . Today i just wanna do a quick review of my geo fresh grey that i currently LOVE it LOVE it so much *LOL ..

and here my fresh grey :

Geo fresh grey (fc-725)
DIA : 14.0 mm
B.C : 8.6
Water : 38 %
Life span : 1 year

indoor :
hahahahahha ... they look more black than grey, some my friend asked me if i use a black circle lens :D, but that's what i want because basically i want a black lens *i want super natural lens* but some of my friends told me that black lens is so creepy, ghost looking and unnatural at all ... so i try this lens and voilla it really natural and doesn't obvious at all like my natural eyes ..

with flash 

  • Color_Design 6/10 : natural looking, blend so well with my natural eye color and i adore with the pattern~ but for the color it isn't opaque at all
  • Comfort 10/10 : this is the most comfortable lens that i ever used, and this is more comfortable than my geo tricolor brown
  • Enlargement 7/10 : yeaah it's a bit makes my eyes big but doesn't creepy
  • Overall 10/10 : overall i love this lens so much and currently it's my favorite out of my other lenses

i hope you enjoy it, keep healthy .. bye bye !!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pixy silky fit lipstick in choix camellia

Right now i just i wanna do a quick review of pixy satin lipstick in choix camellia, by the way this lipstick is from my friend :D .. 

and here is the product :

*please ignore the left lipstick*

really pretty color right ?

actually when my friend gave this lipstick i was like "wait a minute i guess i have similar shade like this and it from pixy too" when swatch them at home they look different although look similar in the tube.. *sigh*

left : Pixy glam lasting lipstick in ginger ale
right : Pixy silky fit lipstick in choix camellia

they look very similar right ? >.<

swatches :

description :
Pixy silky fit lipstick in choix camellia : sheer warm orange
Pixy glam lasting lipstick in ginger ale : milky warm orange

pros :
i really love this lipstick because it really natural *sheer color*, smells so good, doesn't make lip dry and glidely smooth on my lip .. PERFECT

cons :
staying power is so-so

that's all my review, i hope you like it

bye bye !!

Open my geo fresh grey (fc-725)

Hello-hello~ today i opened my geo fresh grey (fc-725), actually i want to open it maybe 5-6 months later because i still have geo tricolor brown (cm-902) that i have reviewed in HERE but i couldn't handle my self to open it because i SUPER curious how do they look on my eyes :D .. hahahahaaa ...

AGAIN sorry for blurriness because i just using my galaxy mini ..

if you can see an arrow shape, that's the part that you should pull if you wanna to open it



this metal part is so sharp, must be careful when you open it *you can use scissors to peel it*

peek-a-boo !!

dropped the lens on my hands to rinse the original solution

voilla !! this is my geo fresh grey (fc-725)

SUPER quick review :

i haven't use this lens because i still soak them in solution *don't use original solution in the bottle because it can sting your eyes :D* but when i rub it i feel this lenses slightly more stiff than my other geo lenses although their thickness is similar .. i don't know why .. 

i hope i can review this lens more detail after i using it so please stay tune :D

till next time, bye bye !!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Inez Concealing Stick

Hello everyone~ long time no see, i'm currently super lazy and kind a busy to posting anything hahahhahaa .. right now i just wanna do a quick review of Inez Concealing Stick *btw it's my 1st concealer :p* . this concealer came with 2 shades light and medium, mine is light ..

and here is the product *pardon for the blurriness, i just using my cellphone .. my camera's battery is die*

really looks like a lipstick xD, right ?
btw i still keep the box so that my mother won't use it as lipstick, LOL

and here is the swatch :

what i love :
  • cheap, it's about $2.6
  • easy to blend
  • good for cover red area

what i hate :
  • the packaging is so blaahhh 

till next time, bye~