Sunday, February 26, 2012

Probio C : Vitamin C Serum

Hi all !! do you use a serum on your face routine ? me ? not really .. the product that i'll review is actually my moms serum.. but i've already tried it before so why not i review it for you  .. hehehe :D

this product called probio c, i think it's Indonesian brand because i see on the package it produced in Indonesia. My mom usually buy it in pharmacy or drugstore .. 

here's the product :

This product cost $4.5, quite cheap for a vitamin serum

the ingredients and directions on behind the box

hahaahaaa .. complete the puzzle before you use :D

after puzzling, TADA !! 

i hope you can see the liquid, my camera is very hard to focus 

what i love :
  • Makes my skin brighter and smooth
  • I can find it easily in local pharmacy
  • Cheap
  • Tiny bottle 
what i hate :
  • Nope

Sorry guys I won't post a review regularly as usual because isn't holiday no more and my architecture assignment are NO KIDDING hard and so MANY  

Until next time, byeee~

Monday, February 20, 2012

SPICA .. Bang bang bang bang !!

Hahaha .. a lot of rookie boy band and girl band debuted  last months, some of them really Blaaaah~ (i won't tell :D) but i found SPICA really had a great skill for a rookie band, because ALL OF THEM can sing very well .. as you know that usually only half of members in a girl/boy band group that can sing well.. and rest of them are just lip sync singer LOL :D ..

and here's SPICA :

image source :

Their debut MV

and their live performance

really recommend to watch their live performance, i can tell that idol groups that really famous lately nothing compared with their voice

thanks for reading ! bye~

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Won a Giveaway from

Last friday i contacted by Puteri from that i won her 2nd giveaway *so lucky*, and finally today i got the package :D

see how pretty the package <3, love the flower pattern on it :))

you know what ? i got 16 items inside it O.O *so happy*

wanna see 16 items that i got ?

TADA !!!!

It is a MASSIVE prizes !! thank you puteri, i really appreciate it :D

The prizes that i got :
1. Revlon colorsilk after-color conditioner
2. Biore cleansing oil sheet
3. Revita eyelash curler
4. Biore pore pack
5. Nivea fruity shine lip balm
6. Viva face powder satin smooth in rachel
7. Ellips hair vitamin shiny black
8. Spritz on splash cologne in cheery
9. Ovale facial mask in yam bean
10. Ovale facial mask in cucumber
11. Nuvo hand sanitizer
12. Pantene hair fall shampoo
13. Shinzu'i body scrub
14. Garnier light whiten & protect moisturizing cream
15. Ovale anti acne remover
16. Viva perfecting eyelash mascara

You can also check out her blog ( if you are interested to win a giveaway like me because she often hosting a giveaway and i think right now she is hosting her 3rd giveaway.

Thanks for reading, byee~

Caring Colors BB Cream in Luminizing (New series)

Hi guys today i wanna do a review of  Caring Colors BB Cream in Luminizing, actually i have all the series of their bb cream but i'll post it one by one :D

Lets start !!

Caring Colours Luminizing BB cream delivers a clean, bright and natural skin tone by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage, while Saccharomyces/Xylinum Black Tea Ferment and Pearl extract along with the anti oxidant properties of Vitamin E make your face more radiant. This multifunctional make-up cream, formulated with the mineral Tourmaline, to maintain skin rejuvenile, reviving the skin's natural radiance. Combined in an anti irritant, long lasting formula that delivers moisture and nutrition at the same time. Perfect care for your face in one simple step. 

Direction for use :

After moisturizing, smooth Caring Colours Luminizing BB cream evenly over your face, and finish with loose powder or two way cake

if you don't know yet i got all of them for free because of THIS

The luminizing series is the right side *the brown packaging one*

I love their packaging, because it looks so cute *short and fat hahahaha :D* 

very hygiene because it sealed so tight with aluminium foil 

I don't know it is because it's free so i got a sample size or there is only a half-bottle in it, i squeezed until half bottle but the bb cream didn't come out from the bottle

Swatch time !!

it yellow base, so it more suitable with Indonesian skin tone

Everlast series (old one)-Luminizing series
although in different series they have same color but the texture of luminizing is slightly more thick

After blend it a little bit they still have same color

can you the shimmer ?
the different from other series luminizing  contain shimmer but not glittery so still wearable for daily basis 

what i love :
  • It's free :p
  • Good coverage (the best out of all series)
  • Good staying power on me
  • Cute packaging
what i hate :
  • Nope

thanks for reading girls, see you soon !

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anybody ever use "Just Miss" brand before ?

Today i went Ambarukmo plaza with mom to buy some daily products, beside that my mom wanted to buy a single eye shadow brush  so we went to Stroberi to seek if they sell a single eye shadow brush but they only sell brush set so me and mom just looked around there. When i walked into the cosmetic section i found this stuff, the brand called Just Miss. 

I often see this brand for a long time ago but i never try any products from them because i thought it is a china brand or anything like that but when i looked to the packaging it said that it is made in Indonesia so i decided to try them.

These are some products that i got :
1. eye shadow in number 2
2. lipstick in number 13

the eye shadow palette came with 12 cool tone shimmering color with 1 sponge tip and really tiny mirror

Actually they have 2-3 series like this but i chose this one because i don't have any cool tone eye shadow before

Swatch time !!

1st row:
pink-lilac-nude-blue-soft blue-white

2nd row:
dark green-soft green-whitey green-purple-grey-silver

from the swatches as you can see that all the eye shadows are really pigmented and no one chalky

for the lipstick i chose number 13 because it has such a pretty color, the color is beige

it reminds me of nuddish peach from wardah but it doesn't have any hint of pink

the lipstick is not really pigmented, need a couple swap for a best result

Sorry guys i haven't try them on my face so i can't say what i love or what i hate from them, by the way they are only $3, $2 for the eye shadow and $1 for the lipstick

have you ever try that brand before? what's your opinion?

for more information about the eye shadow palette

you can read some conversations, click HERE

Friday, February 10, 2012

Pixy Bright Matte Purifying Cleansing Express Alcohol Free

I've tried Pixy UV Whitening Gentle Cleansing Express Alcohol Free and it works well on me but the cons is my face feels oily after i use it, so i decided to try another series of pixy cleansing express and chose pixy matte bright because i thought it wont make my face feels oily and it does. This cleanser makes my face matte and not oily but the CONS is when i tried to remove my eyeliner and mascara OMG it sting my eyes like CRAZY T.T

Here is the product :

I have no swatch because i think it has same level as Pixy UV Whitening Gentle Cleansing Express Alcohol Free for clean power

here is my eyes after 20 minutes it still really red and hurt 

Although it said that alcohol free but i don't know why it really sting my eyes

what i love :
  • Cheap
  • Clean feeling
  • Makes my face not oily
what i hate :
  • Sting my eyes 

For you guys that have a sensitive eyes like me, i really don't recommend this product and just buy Pixy UV Whitening Gentle Cleansing Express Alcohol Free if you wanna try pixy cleansing express series 

thanks for reading, see yaa !!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Viva blush on duo

Viva cosmetics is one of the oldest Indonesian make up brand and they are famous with their cheap range of make up .. although their products prices are really cheap but they have an eyebrow pencil that famous in all over make up artist :D but today i won't review their eyebrow pencil :D, i'll review their blush on.

and this is the product 

came with plastic packaging, no mirror and rough applicator

left to right
number 3- number 4

Swatch time !!

number 3 is baby pink and burgundy color, mixed color will result warm pink color, i usually only use the baby pink one because i dislike too much bright color on my cheek

number 4 is light orange and brown color, mixed color will result warm orange, i often use only the light orange for my cheek because it gives nice color on my skin tone and sometime when i look so pale i use the brown color as a bronzer

what i love :
  • Only $1
  • 3 in 1 colors
  • Quite good staying power on me
what i hate :
  • Chalky
  • Hate the packaging and the applicator 

The conclution is this product is quite a good deal remind the price is very cheap, but you must patient because it's so chalky

thanks for reading, bye bye !!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finally i have a header, yahoooo !

Yeeeay ! i have a header for my blog ! hahahahaa .. proud of me i edited it by my self, i'm not good in editing photo and picture but i quite impressed with the result ..

The pict down below is my 1st trial error, it's too simple right ? so i decided to change it a bit

and the last pict is header that i use right now, hahaha .. it's too kidoo~ for my age but ok lahh .. :p

so what do you think guys ?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My bias : Eunhyuk of Super Junior

This holiday kind a boring, so i decided to kill the time by editing photo, and my victim is Eunhyuk from Super Junior 

hahahahha .. ROFL 

What do you think guys ? pretty isn't it?

i really love him because he can dancing REALLY great hahaha .. my idols are always a great dancer