Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oriflame Absolute Concealer For Eyes (Pink shade)

For the first time i will reviewing a product from Oriflame although it's not my first product that i got from this brand. Long long long time ago i've tried their mascara but unfortunately they weren't waterproof at all ! When i took wudhu it made my eyes look like panda's eyes .. melted like crazy ! and worst thing is my mascara is BLUE can you imagine that how embarrassed me =.=" ..

Although i have a bad experience with Oriflame's product i still curious with some their products so i decided to try their concealer.. my architect's eyes really need help *really bad dark circle* 

And here's this !

The packaging it's quite cute because it is really tiny, it about 9-10cm long and contained 10ml 

Ahh~ i really dunno how to read that word ! It made in Poland but i'm not really sure what language it is .. but that font kind reminds me of Russian font .. So i can't read the product's description and the ingredients 

It comes with slime and tiny tip so that it's hygienic and  economic :P

The liquid is pink and contains shimmer but not too much

The texture is similar with body lotion's texture you what i mean ? .. a bit watery and easy to blend

After some blending, as you can see it doesn't give any coverage at ALL .. the white cast on my hand is a blitz not the coverage .. I think it's compatible as you mix body lotion or moisturizer with shimmer powder  because it only give a slightly shimmery effect


P.S : my skin is recently break out because i'm in periode sorry for disturbing views

my bare skin : really bad dark circle and eye bag

put quite a lot concealer

after blending : it only give a reflect of shimmer .. if i don't use a blitz i can't tell any differences between before and after using this product

What i love :
  • Cheap $4-$5 
  • Tiny tip so it's hygienic
  • Cute packaging
  • Easy to blend
  • Contain shimmer
What i hate :
Repurchase : BIG NO !!!

I hope you enjoy it, happy weekend .. see yaaa !!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inez Blush On in Burning Sand 03

Just wanna do a quick review one of my recent hauls, and this product is Inez Blush On .. Inez blush on is famous with their great pigmentation but i never try them at all .. I'm really so last year :D hahaha ..

So Inez launched their new blush on shade about a couple months ago, they are Amaranth Pink and Burning Sand. Both of them are in pink shade, Amaranth pink is shimmery pale baby pink and Burning Sand is shimmery pale baby pink too~ but very slightly combined with peachy color .. 

I decided to try Burning Sand because it has slightly peachy color so it will definitely look pretty on my strong yellow skin tone *PURE baby pink color usually will look harsh on yellow skin tone*.

So here is the product :

Description :
Color Contour Plus Blusher with Blush
Available in selective shades to allow you to perform a real professional highlighting of your cheeks and to create a modest attractive blush. Apply after your liquid foundation and before the face powder. The value shades may be used to highlight your cheekbone and/or to make your face look longer or more rounded, to obtain a more lovely, vivid and attractive look.

click the picture above to see all ingredients !

Don't panic ! it just ugly packaging ! LOL
Yeah Inez's products are famous with their "not so pretty" packaging, everyone hopes at least they change the color or  everything hahahahahaa .. but because i'm not kind "packaging" minded person it doesn't effect me anything laa~

I really appreciate that Inez gave name shade for all their products, but for this shade i think it doesn't suit at all. I mean when i heard burning sand i definitely see sandy brown color across my mind. Maybe "Peachy pink" or -->"My heart"<-- would great name for this shade hahahahahaa .. LOL :D just kidding

*Without flash* it looks warm pink, but in reality the color is softer and not that dark

*With flash*

It comes with brush but it's too small, i prefer to use my own blush brush to apply it


As you can see the color is really pretty, pale baby pink with tiny hint of peach .. but i guess it only great/obvious on under NC30, for NC35 or more it will look whitey  

What i love :
  • Cheap $3.3 for 6g 
  • Big pan
  • Comes with big mirror 
  • Nice shade
  • Pigmented
  • The pink color nice for yellow tone
What i hate :
  • Powdery
  • Shimmery like crazy LOL :D
Repurchase : YES !! i wanna try the Gold Dipped Brick .. i heard that the shade is really pretty

Hope you enjoy it, if there's any question you can comment down bellow :))

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Skin Aqua UV Whitening Milk SPF 20 PA++

Horaay-horrraaaay i already passed my examination week !!<----and this is how i feel right now .. hahahahaaaa . I really wanna have a vacation somewhere to release all stresses that i had in this semester .. *this semester is really hard but i've to fight till the end, LOL*

By the way do you ever seen this ads before on tv ?

of course you DID ! in this ads we can see that that pretty girl protected by water all over body after she using a sunblock .. and the sunblock's product at that ads is SKIN AQUA

Skin Aqua is basically a Japan no. 1 UV skincare *they claimed* that already in Indonesia like about last year and but i've just tried this brand this year .. because i thought it was expensive but i totally wrong because this stuff is really affordable. I really love affordable products :P

Skin Aqua's sunblock came with some variety type of sunblock and each of them have a different purpose so you choose which one is perfect for you. Mine is Skin Aqua UV Whitening Milk SPF 20 PA++

image source : Skin Aqua's facebook fan page 

When we purchase this product, it sealed with a plastic box which i think really cool and looks really different from other sunblock that usual only came with "naked" bottle, this plastic box quite solid~

This sunblock we can use for our face and body, i always use it in the morning after taking a bath .. on my face, my hand and also my feet. Sometimes i bring it in my bag in case if my hand feels really dry

This is product perfume and color free so if you have a sensitive skin i really sure you can use it too~

If you wanna see the ingredients you can click the picture above to enlarge

 Skin Aqua UV Whitening Milk SPF 20 PA++ claimed that it can make your skin look brighter and i admit this product really works on me. After i using this product for a couple times i feel that my face looks a bit brighter *yeaay!*

Another plus side for this product is it can protect our skin from UV A and UV B

This sunblock is watery texture and doesn't sticky at all

This sunblock really easy to blend and also easy to absorb, doesn't make your make up cakey if you put on make up after using it 

What i love :
  • Quite cheap $5 for 40g
  • Not sticky 
  • Easy to blend
  • Easy to absorb 
  • You can use it all over body
  • Doesn't make me break out
  • Works for bright my skin
What i hate :
  • None
Repurchase : YES !!

So far it is my HG sunblock, what yours ?

Thanks for reading see you next time, bye-bye~

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Revlon Wet/Dry Shadow Quad in Brazen Berry

This week is an Exam week for me *wish me luck*, i'll have an exam start tomorrow .. i hope i can do my best.

By the way i''ll review an eye shadow quad from Revlon, i've just realized that i never reviewing anything from this brand although i have some products from them hahahaha .. i hope i can do more review from this brand. 

And here is the product :

It comes with clear cover which is good because we can see the color clearly, oh yaa ! please don't mind the brush because it's from tammia and the original one is gone :P

Sorry if you can't read all ingredients because of that sticker

Directions: For softer look, apply eyeshadow dry with wide end of applicator. For contouring on crease or eye lining, apply darker shadow with narrow end of applicator. For a more dramatic look, slightly dampen applicator before use.

It comes with 4 depot, each depot is about 2cmx2.5cm

2 colors on the top are shimmery, buttery texture and the pigmentation are really good

2 colors at the bottom are matte *LEFT* and shimmery *RIGHT*  two of them less buttery compare to other two on the top but the pigmentation still really good



1. Shimmery peach color
2. Shimmer silver with hint of peach color
3. Matte taupe
4. Shimmery brown with hint purple/berry color

What i love :
  • Solid packaging
  • Good texture/buttery texture
  • Nice shade and good combination
  • Comes with matte and shimmery color
  • Good pigmentation
What i hate :
  • No mirror
  • Quite pricey $7.5-$7.9
Repurchase : Maybe, a bit pricey for me

thanks for reading, see you next time !!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rivera Blush On in Peach Melba 03

Halloo~ hallo~ girls !! sorry for didn't review anything last week .. I'm still busy with my college so i didn't have any mood to review anything .. mianhe  *bow-bow*

But now i wanna share with you about my current favorite local blush on, that very affordable but great product. And the product is Rivera Blush On in Peach Melba ..  I do really curious about all Rivera's products  because " almost " none blogger talk about this brand whereas i do have some products in this brand and they are very good products compare to other brand that have same price range ... so i will test some products from Rivera again in the future ..

Ok stop for rambling and meet my baby ..

As you can see the packaging is quite sleek for a $2.8 product, which is GOOD~ , isn't like other local brand that sometimes "looks so cheap" packaging

It comes with big mirror and a brush, contains 2 colors but in separate depot, each depot it's about 2cmx2cm .. yeaaah it is small but the packaging is kind a big *bulky*

what the ...

Ok .. after i praised about the packaging i little bit guilty because after i turned the packaging i saw that sticker .. ==" i really hope that it was embossed and not a sticker .. because it looks so ugly 

It comes with handy brush, but as usual it doesn't work well .. too fluffy and can't build the color balancing

Swatch :

Peachy color and a bit orange *matte*-----Very soft pinky beige *shimmer*

I really impressed with the texture because it is NO POWDERY at all and NO CHALKY

The reason why i chose this shade because it looks really natural on me and i finally i can say it is the perfect shade for my skin tone

What i love :
  • Cheap about $2.8
  • Sleek packaging
  • Comes with big mirror
  • Good texture
  • Nice shade
  • Comes with matte and shimmery color
What i hate :
  • The sticker behind the packaging is so ugly
  • Bulky packaging
  • Useless brush
Repurchase : YES ! i wanna try another shade

Thanks for reading, and have a nice weekend !