Thursday, October 18, 2012

Circle Lens Haul

Hallo beauties~ .. because my Geo fresh grey and Geo tricolor brown already expired i decided to buy some circle lens for stock *i still have Geo jazz brown aka BC-102* and lucky me today package arrived, it only took 2 days till i get it. And by the way as usual this circle lens i bought at hehe~

I bought only 2 pairs, one clear contact and other is the colored one.

1. Oxi-five UV Blocker
BC : 8,60
DIA : 14,0 mm
Water contain : 55%
Made in UK

2. Vivian Pineapple in Grey
BC : 8,60
DIA : 17,2
Water contain : 56 %
Made in Japan

Super drolling laa~ but i can't use it before i get my artificial teeth WTF ! hahaha~

By the way have you ever use those brands before ? please share with me ^^

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick Review + Swatches Viva Lipstick No. 10 & 22

Hallo another lipstick review from me~ *tebar-tebar racun*, today i'll review lipsticks from Viva cosmetics .. FYI Viva cosmetics is Indonesian low end brand, their range prices are about IDR 3.000-35.000 .. hahaha super cheap~ .. If you are interested with their lipsticks you can check out this review !

It has small tube with dark blue packaging, not so pretty but not ugly either .. the bad thing is the packaging is kind a fragile *maklum kekuatan kuli*

I can't remember the exact price but i guess it's about $8 or IDR 8.000, very cheap ! yippie~ ..

No 10---No 22
No 10, on the tube is PEACH but after i put on my lips it change in to PALE PINK
No 22, is BROWN with slight of ORANGE color

It has lip balm~y texture, it's very smooth and really easy to slide on. I find that these lipsticks don't make my lips drying *on me*

Viva Lipstick No 10

Viva Lipstick No 22
Huaahaha .. i applied lipstick messily xD .. Focus, these lipsticks unfortunately have a POOR pigmentation especially No 10, i must reapply more than 5 times for a good result. No 22 has better pigmentation.

I can't describe what kind of smell is it, it's quite strong .. but it doesn't annoy me for sure

Bad staying power ! 1-2 hours it's fade away

What i love :
  • Small packaging
  • Cheap
  • Smooth application
  • Lip balm~y texture
  • Doesn't drying out my lips
What i hate :
  • Bad pigmentation
  • Not long lasting
  • Fragile packaging
Repurchase : Maybe, i have too much lip products right know =.="

Hope you enjoy my review and if you wanna ask me something you can always tweet me on @vheQyu, see you next time !

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sariayu Shimmering Powder

Hi everyone ! this time i want to review another local/Indonesian brand, i believe you already know this brand such a long time ago, because Sariayu is one of oldest make up brand in Indonesia,  i still remember when i was in playgroup my mom bought sariayu's lipstick that has duo colors in 1 stick, half part is red shade and another part is gold color .. anyone still remember that lipstick ?

From the picture above you can see that this product claims that it's a multifunction  product that you can use as highlighter (white), for shading (brown), as a blush (pink) and as a compact powder (beige), and last but not least as a finishing powder (blend all colors). Sounds promising right ? .. but everyone knows sometimes advertisement is too exaggerate, so if you wanna this products worth it as their claims or not check my review below ..

Product's Description
Shimmering Powder Sariayu
Pressed powder with alloys four color plus shimmer effect to the result of fresh natural make up. Containing Vitamin E as antioxidant and UV protection that serves to protect the skin from adverse environmental effects and UV rays. Enriched with mineral Amethyst.

Direction for use : Apply evenly on face and neck with the brush for best result, use after applying moisturizer.

Produced by PT. Martina Berto

Netto : 12,5 g (0,44 oz)

I got this product about $ 3,8 or IDR 38.000 after discounted, yes i know it's SUPER cheap !

This product also comes with a plastic pouch and free cute brush, the quality of the free brush is quite good laa~ it isn't too fluffy but not rough either, i can it's just ok ..

Who can't resist this cute packaging ? anyone ? .. first time time when i bought this product i just fell in love with the packaging and also the cute flower pattern on it, aaahh~ just lovely :D hahaha .. by the way the packaging is made by plastic and quite small so for me it's quite travel friendly

1. White
2. Brown
3. Pink
4. Beige

And all of those are shimmery !! 

Each color has different texture, some of them are little bit chalky but some other are buttery but all of them really easy to blend

1. White : Quite Buttery
2. Brown : Buttery and powdery
3. Pink : Chalky
4. Beige : So so

As you can see at that swatches this shimmering powder has good pigmentation but after you blending the color out it transform into sheer satin finish so you can't distinguish the color, and so that when they claims it can use as a blush, shading, and bla bla bla it's just a LIE :D it's just works as highlighter and finishing powder for me 

The shimmer is not a chunk shimmer, it's more satin finish .. but i prefer using my hand rather than using the brush to highlight some part of my face, because i found that my pores look more gigantic when i apply with brush =.=" .. i don't know why

It doesn't long lasting on my oily skin, 4 hours it's just gone 

What i love :
  • Drooling packaging
  • Free pouch
  • Free brush
  • Super affordable
  • Easy to blend
What i hate :
  • It isn't multifuction as they claimed
  • Not long lasting
Repurchase : No

Hope this review useful :)), see you next time !

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Freebies From Fanbo Cosmetics

Hallo~ just wanna sharing the package that i got recently :)), FYI i won a quiz that hosted by Fanbo Fantastic .. 

And this is the package 

The package is so big :D and i love the color <3 *pink sucker*

1. Moisturizer
2. Foundation
3. Parfume
4. Body Scrub (lulur)
5. Toner
6. Milk Cleanser
7. Eye shadow kit Citra Pelangi 1
8. Two Way Cake in natural
9. Mascara
10. Eyebrow pencil in Brown
11. Matte lipstick in F.04 *super gorgeous color*
12. Lipstick in no 13 (REVIEW)
13. Loose Powder in sawo matang

If you wanna some freebies like me, you can always check Fanbo Fantastic's twitter. They often host a quiz for sure !

By the way next post i'll review about Sariayu Shimmering Powder, if you are interested please stay tune :D 

Monday, October 1, 2012


Hallo teman-teman yang lagi blog walking terus kesasar di buildtheface, hallo-haloo ! *dadah-dadah*, engga kerasa udah hampir 2 minggu ni pasca jatuh LOL .. good news sekarang aku udah sembuh, hore-hore ! walaupun eheeem masih ompong =.=''

Mungkin baru ini nih ada beauty blogger ompong hahaha .. tapi gak papa masih ada namanya masker yang bisa nutupin keomponganku :D 

Eh by the way pernah nonton Spongebob yang ceritanya si Squidward kepentok pintu berkali-kali malah tambah ganteng gak ? hahaha .. aku sama temen-temenku suka becandaan kalo aku tuh squidward, terus habis jatuh ntar aku malah tambah cantik *ngarep banget vick ..* 

Ntah kenapa nih yaa .. pas aku lagi ngerasa down atau rada ngeluh gara-gara ribet makan atau apalah aku pasti diingetin sama Allah nah contohnya pas aku lagi makan di luar gitu, terus ngeluh "duh ya ampun nelen makanan aja susah bener" pasti deh terusan ada orang buta, orang gila, atau orang yang kondisinya lebih parah dari aku. Intinya dikasih tau sama Allah "baru gitu aja ngeluh .. liat noh sekitarmu" hahaha emang dasar manusia dikit-dikit ngeluh. #ngeeek ..

Mudah-mudahan dalam minggu-minggu ini aku bakalan mulai review produk lagi tapi "teteup" belum pake FOTD maklum ompong :D ..

Thank's for visiting my blog, see you !