Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update about snake

you might know that i found a little snake that i posted not long time ago, when i found it my mom said "i think it's a baby" and i answered "no ..no.. i think it's kind a snake that can't grew big" ..

i had no idea what kind of snake she/he is and i didn't know what food that i must give it to it .. so i asked to a facebook group that members are a reptile lover ..but the respond was so long, i was afraid that the snake can starve to death so i decided to release it.

i had already released it 2 days ago and i got the answered from facebook group yesterday, they said "it is Elaphe Flavolineata or sometimes it called coffee snake, they eat rat, frog, bird ... "

i shocked a bit after i browsed internet to see the picture of Elaphe Flavolineata/coffee snake because they obvious can grew quite big or big, mine was totally a real BABY 

snake that i found

and it can grew this BIG

aigoo~ although it isn't poisonous snake but i believe it can eat my cat  (-___-!!)

my cat "Macan"

aaaarrrgghh .. don't eat me !! LOL

what do you think guys ?? hahahaha .. scary huh ?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Snake ? Again ? ..

Haahahaaha .. it has already second times that i found a snake in my house (my mom prefer find a snack :DD), lucky me i'm not kind a person who afraid of snake .. first time we found it in the bathroom and it was 1 meter long and this morning we found it in the kitchen and it only a baby (about 30 cm or more) i called baby because it's so tiny.. and both are not poisonous.. fyuuuh *sigh*

aaah .. i didn't take a picture of the first snake -____- , my neighbor rushed throw it away ..

and this is the second snake that we found :

i really love the color, it's kind a exotic right ? the yellow stripe makes it so pretty

so tiny right ? .. aigoo~

i want to keep this baby but i don't know what kind of snake is it and what kind of food should i give to it, frog ? insect ? ahh .. i have no idea :(( please help me !!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wardah lipstick

Wardah is local cosmetic brand in Indonesia that famous with their claimed "halal cosmetics". Now days their products come with variation of shades especially their lipsticks  which is great ..

By the way i wanna share to you about wardah's lipsticks that i own, i've just have 3 lipstick from them ..

here they are :

the silver tube is matte series and the green tube is exclusive series

left to right :
matte lipstick 20 nuddish peach
exclusive lipstick 47 light rose
matte lipstick 05 peach

description colors :
  1. nuddish peach is kind peachy pale nude with hint of pink
  2. light rose is milky rosy color
  3. peach is kind a milky peach with hint of orange 

what i love :
  • cheap, it's about $2.4-$3
  • a lot of variation shades
  • can find it easily
  • halal

what i hate :
  • hard to blend, sometimes it's clumpy
  • makes my lips dry

that's all my review, bye bye !!!

La Tulipe eye shadow powder

annyeong everyone !! i wanna review some products again .. although it's only available in Indonesia let me review it in english .. :)) you know what i'm don't fluent in english so i try my best to use it regularly as often as i can .. so that my ability to speak english increased, i hope you understand ...

let's start !! ...

the label already disappeared, LOL :DD

forgive me, it gross too~ -____-"

pretty right ? :D

and here's the swatch

the 03 it's kind a blue purple duo chrome which very unique color and 13 it's such a copper  color (after you blend it well) .. both colors are gorgeous !! :DD

what i love :
  • cheap
  • highly pigmented
  • it content A LOT
  • small packaging

what i hate :
  • messy
  • if you sneeze ? it's game over, LOL :D

you can choose this product if you really want to try pigment/loose eye shadow but no budget for buy high end pigment such as mac pigment etc etc ... hahahahaha

thanks for reading guys, i hope you enjoy it ... bye bye !!!

Maybelline bb cream

hello guys~ i wanna share to you about maybelline bb cream that i use regularly, by the way there are only 2 bb cream that available in Indonesia ... maybelline and caring colors bb cream (what a pity -____-"!!). i've reviewed bb cream caring too~ you can check it out by click here :DD

i read from other blogger post it came with 2 shade, fresh ( light ) and natural (medium) .. and unlucky there's no shade natural yet in Indonesia. it's a bit suck .. you know most of indonesian girls have a medium skintone like me :(( .. 

so here's the picture :

it's so tiny, only 18ml ..

up-down = maybelline-caring colors
as you can see maybelline's bb cream slightly lighter that caring's bb cream

blend blend and blend

in this picture it looks similar but trust me maybelline is lighter

what i love :
  • cheap, only $ 3.9
  • doesn't break me out
  • makes my skin glowy smooth 
  • blend so well
what i hate :
  • first apply it look too light for my skintone but after a minute it blends so good
  • too tiny

overall i love this bb cream and i have repurchased it more than twice .. but i hope natural shade will be available in Indonesia soon :DD

thanks for reading, hope you like it .. bye bye !!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silky Girl Moisture Gloss Lip Gloss

Actually i'm not such a lip gloss person .. that's way i just have two lip glosses, and both of it are Silky Girl  Moisture Gloss Lip Gloss. 

description from website :

It’s sheer brilliance on your lips with water-like effect. Infused with Aloe Vera to ensure lips remain moisturized and supple all day. 

left - right = sweet pink 05 - barely nude 17

sweet pink 05 : baby pink with blue undertone and white shimmer ? *don't know exactly the shimmer's color*

 barely nude 17 : it's kind a beige color with gold shimmer

and here's the swatch 

*click to enlarge*

pros :
  • crazy cheap, i bought it at mini market for $ 1.7 
  • quite a lot range of colors (8 colors)
  • can find it easily
  • slim design

cons :
  • little bit sticky
  • it too sheer for my taste
  • very little content 

over all quite like these lip glosses especially for barely nude, if you're interested you can check silky girl website, click here to check all products

thanks for reading, have a nice day !!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saline solution

my eyes really sensitive but i'm kind a girl that adore beauty thingy .. so i really can't resist to use contact lens or circle lens .. hahaha :D 

i don't have 20 20 vision too~ that's makes me use circle lens quite often (use glasses makes my eyes look so tiny that i hate it so badly) ...

for circle lens user like me is a must to use saline solution that really makes my eyes really comfortable .. and here is some saline solution brand that i've ever used ...

  •  X2 comfort extra

about this product :

  1. cheap, it's about $ 3 or more i don't remember the fixed price
  2. weird, it's look like a liquid soap ..so bubbly
  3. doesn't make my contact lens clean (i mean totally clean)
  4. can't protect my eyes from gems (several times i got sore eyes using this product)

  • O2 multi-purpose solution

about this product :
  1. cheap, it's about $ 2.5 - $ 3 
  2. makes my eyes red after i put on contact lens 
  3. it's too freeze and stingy 

  • Complete multi-purpose solution

*click to enlarge*

  • cheap for 350 ml, about $ 4.5
  • doesn't sting my eyes, very comfortable
  • makes my contact lens feel clean
  • protects my eyes from gems so good (i never got sore eye during use this product)

over all i feel comfortable using complete, how about you ? what's your favorite saline solution ?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Review : Geo tricolor brown (cm-902)

horaaay i've bought my new solution so i can open my geo tricolor brown :DD ...

Geo tricolor brown (cm-902)
DIA : 14.0 mm
B.C : 8.6
Water : 38 %
Life span : 1 year

in lens case it's looks more like soft yellow in the middle and soft brown at outer ring

although nudy series and tricolor series have a same diameter but tricolor looks more small than nudy series, it because the pattern of tricolor series doesn't full untill the edge of lens   

with flash 

sometime it look more grey or green than brown in my eyes, i guess it caused of my eyes is so dark  (=.=)a

with flash

under sun light

  • Color_Design 8/10 : natural looking, blend so well with my natural eye color, although it's 3 tone but it doesn't make eye ball poke / pointed like some other 3 tones lens that i ever seen before.
  • Comfort 10/10 : OMG this is the most comfortable lens that i ever used, i can't feel anything they're exist on my eyes, doesn't make my eyes dry.
  • Enlargement 5/10 : this isn't a circle lens so it doesn't make eyes look bigger or anything :p
  • Overall 9/10 : overall i love this lens so much, really natural, makes my eyes sparkly, and so comfortable ... the weakness is i can't distinguish if it upside down or not because the pattern and the color between outside and inside lens are totally identical T.T ..

i hope this review useful for you guys, and i hope you enjoy it ..

keep healthy all, i'll talk you soon !!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my first blog award

hello everyone !! i'm so happy today because i received my first award and i got 5 awards *super excited*  :D from Sladjana <3 <3 thank you sweety !! please check out her amazing blog and don't forget to follow her :)) ..

by the way these is award that i got :

i never imagined in my 2 months blogging i've got some award *cry T.T

Award Rules: 
1. Thank the person that gave you the award, and link back to them.
2. Post seven things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions listed below
4. Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
5. Let them know they received an award.

7 things about me :
1. i'm a rookie blogger
2. i'm a college student majoring in architecture
3. i really love to dance
4. my idols are always a super great in dancing
5. i hate most of insects but i really love furry animals
6. i hate horror movies
7. i adore cute thingy

Name your favorite color: pink and every colors that's make me pretty :p
Name your favorite song: R&B, hip hop, and kpop
Name your favorite dessert: Cheesecake
What is pissing you off?: people who don't timely 
When you’re upset, you?: listen to music, browsing
Your favorite pet: hamster and cat
Black or White?: black
Your biggest fear?: death
My best feature is: my small eyes
Everyday attitude: don't bother people if you don't wanna be bothered
What is perfection: bla bla bla
Guilty pleasure: to much eating

so i wanna give these award to my gorgeous fellow blogger that i love

keep healthy all, bye !!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

circle lens haul

hello guys, long time no see :D !!

i'm super excited because today i'm gonna show you my circle lens haul, i bought geo fresh grey (fc-725) and geo tricolor brown (cm-902) from www.mataindah.com .. if you live in Indonesia i really recommend this seller because they sell very affordable contact lens or circle lens in a great quality... 

and here it is the package :

hahaha .. i was super lazy to blur my address so i decide to cover it with my hand :p *silly

it contains of 2 ordinary lens cases and 2 pair of my circle lens 

for you guys who never use geo circle lens before please make sure that your geo lens have sticker on it... scratch the grey part and you will see some code to check the authenticity of your geo lens in here, because there are so many fake geo lens out there so you must be careful ... 

i'm not gonna do review these lenses now because i do not open it yet *sorry guys T.T it because i run out of my solution and i haven't had time to buy a new one.. so i just wanna show you guys how it look like inside the bottle *hahahhahaha ..

  • geo fresh grey (fc-725)

P.S please ignore my messy bed :D

i chose this lens because i heard that it isn't obvious and natural looking, but it still enhance the eyes 

  • geo tricolor brown (cm-902)

you know what ? i chose this lens because i really adore with the circle lens that angela baby use in this picture

but i don't know exactly what brand and series is, so i browsed on internet and i found that geo tricolor brown is the dope of circle lens that she use :D hahahaaha *evil laugh

i hope these circle lens make my eyes pretty :DD

see guys soon, bye !!