Thursday, June 30, 2011

fanbo eyeshadow kit

about a month ago i went to gardena *kind a department store i guess xD* .. and i found this eyeshadow kit..

this pallete is only $ 3.2 (32.000 rupiah) ... hahhahaha crazy cheap!!!

i bought the pesona kupu 02, compare with the 01 its more natural color that i can use daily. although it's so cheap but 9 of them are pigmented, only the torquise one is less pigmented (but it isn't big deal right?, remaind this palette so cheap xD)

and here is the swatch (pardon for blurness for the swatch i'm just using my handphone)

alright .. see you soon, chuuu~ ..

Sunday, June 26, 2011


what's the meaning of ullzzang ? 

ullzzang in korea means "best face" or "good looking" .. you know most of korean are so concern about physical appearance, they're challenging them self to be the famous ullzzang girls or ullzzang boys via their own cyworld (some kind of social network that famous in korea) .. most of ullzzang have a simillar features like big eyes, pointed nose, fair flawless skin and now days a v shape face ..

how ever ... to get the best features, i think most of them (ullzzangs) did have plastic surgery .. as you know plastic surgery is very popular in korea society.

these some of teenage ullzzang that become famous actress, actor, and singer...
1. goo hye sun
2. yoona snsd

3. jaejoong jyj
4. some random ullzzang and some netizen do an ullzzang look

hahaha .. i love the last picture :D

edited : hey i found these girl makeup tutorial .. she's so amazing, her makeup's is skill daebak !!

see you soon
love you guys chuuu~

Saturday, June 25, 2011


what is gyaru ? 

Gyaru (ギャル?) is a Japanese transliteration of the English word gal, that of girl being gaaru (ガール?). The name originated from a 1970s brand of jeans called "gals", with the advertising slogan: "I can't live without men", and was applied to fashion- and peer-conscious girls in their teens and early twenties. Its usage peaked in the 1980s and has gradually declined. The term gradually drifted to apply to a younger group, whose seeming lack of interest in work or marriage gained the word a "childish" image. It is now used almost interchangeably with kogyaru.
Gyaru subculture is still a large influence in Japan's fashion economy with Gal brands branching out and becoming more accessible in rural areas. In Tokyo, more often than not, a shopping center at each main train station dedicated to offering the newest and trendiest items from popular Gal brands. Some brands are also reaching overseas by having their items easily accessible in webshops offering world-wide shipping services. Gal Circles (gyaru-sa/ギャルサー) are also a fun part of a gal's life.
A Gal Circle is a group of gals that meet up and hold events promoting gal style, music, and parapara dancing. There are two main types of Gal Circles, Nago-cir (comfort circles) and Ive-cir (event circles).

alright alright .. those words can't describe gyaru as well as photos, ok let's take a look these photos :

tsubasa masuwaka is a famous gyaru model in japan but she also very popular around the world i guess 

the point of gyaru style:
1. big eyes
  2. big lashes
    3. pink cheek
      4. pink pale lip
      5. flawless skin 

recently i read some article about gyaru but i'm forget where i read it, in that article i saw some namie amuro's  picture and secondly i'm fall in love with her look .. she's cute yet gorgeous, i never think that gyaru look can look sexy and cute in same time. check this out ..

OMG i think she will be my next inspired look

SNSD aka Girls' Generation

hii guys meet me again ^.^v

cuz i've said that i'm a SONE (SNSD fandom) i wanna post little bit of them, let's start~ ...

Girls' Generation (Korean: 소녀시대, Hanja/Japanese: 少女時代, Sonyeo Sidae/Shōjo Jidai) is a popular nine-member South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. The nine members are: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun. They are often referred to as SoShi (소시, Hanja: 少時), or SNSD, the first of which is an abbreviation and the second, mainly used outside Korea, is an acronym of the group's Korean name So Nyuh Shi Dae.

these are the member :

1. taeyeon (leader)
Birth name: Kim Tae-yeon (Hangul: 김태연 | Hanja: 金泰妍)
DOB: March 9, 1989
Birthplace: Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea
Height: 160cm | Blood type: O

Group leader.
DJ on Good Friend Radio (Chinhan Chingoo) from 2008 to April 2010.
Solo in If – drama OST for Hong Gil Dong (2008).
Solo in Can you hear me – drama OST for Beethoven Virus (2008).
Starred in variety show We Got Married (2009) with comedian Jeong Hyeong-don.
Duet with Sunny in It’s Love – drama OST for Heading To The Ground (2009).
Starred in stage musical Midnight Sun (2010).
Voiced for animated film Despicable Me (2010).
Duet with The One in Like A Star (2010).
Co-host of variety talk show Win-Win (2010).
Solo in I Love You – drama OST for Athena: Goddess of War (2010).
Duet with Kim Bum-soo in Different (2011).

my own opinion about taeyeon : she's a amazing leader, have a good voice (i always cry when i listen "mistakes" song on her part), so cute, look like a calm girl but she's actually super dorky wkwkwkwk :D .. i wish i have a sister like her ..

2. jessica 

Korean name: Jung Su-yeon (Hangul: 정수연 | Hanja: 鄭秀妍)
DOB: April 18, 1989
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
Height: 163cm | Blood type: B
Elder sister of Krystal, member of girl group f(x).

Released two singles, Oppa Nappa and Mabinogi, with Tiffany and SeoHyun.
Duet with SHINee’s Onew in One Year Later (2008).
Duet with Park Myeong-su in NaengMyun (2009).
Starred in Korean production of Legally Blonde – The Musical (2009-2010).
Solo in Sweet Delight – commercial song for SPC Group (2010).

my opinion about jessica : oh my god i know why they called her ice princess, if she's my sister i'll scared too~ wkwkwk .. anyway she's one of lead vocal in SNSD and her voice is so so good .. she's pretty her sister krystal is pretty too .. (blessed DNA) :D

3. sunny
Birth name: Lee Sun-kyu (Hangul: 이순규 | Hanja: 李順圭)
DOB: May 15, 1989
Height: 158cm | Blood type: B

Co-DJ of Chun Ji Radio (2007-2008).
Solo in Finally Now – movie OST for Story of Wine (2008).
Co-host of The M (2009-2010) with SS501′s Hyungjoon and then 2AM’s Seulong.
Duet with Taeyeon in It’s Love – drama OST for Heading To The Ground (2009).
Starred in reality-variety show Invincible Youth (2009-2010).
Solo in Your Doll – drama OST for Oh My Lady (2010).

my own opinion about sunny : who can stand with her aegyo ? she's the queen of aegyo ever~, her voice is nice, adorable and cute, she's older than me but she looks younger than me .. =.=a

4. tiffany
Birth name: Stephanie Hwang
Korean name: Hwang Mi-young (Hangul: 황미영 | Hanja: 黄美英)
DOB: August 1, 1989
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA (but raised in Diamond Bar)
Height: 162cm | Blood type: O

Released two singles, Oppa Nappa and Mabinogi, with Seohyun and Jessica.
Co-host of Sonyeo Sonyeon Gayo Baekso with Kim Hye-sung (2007-2008).
Solo in By Myself – drama OST for Ja Myung Go (2009).
Duet with K.Will in A Girl Meets Love (2009).
Co-host with Yuri for MBC’s Music Core (2009 – July 2010).
Solo in Banji – drama OST for Haru (2010).

my own opinion about tiffany : i'm envy with your husky voice fanny~ah i really wanna have husky voice like you, don't ask me about her eyes .. her eyes smile is so beautifull everybody can melt when look her eyes smile, i think she's the prettiest among the other members (my opinian) ..

5. hyoyeon
Birth name: Kim Hyo-yeon (Hangul: 김효연 | Hanja: 金孝淵)
DOB: September 22, 1989
Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
Height: 160cm | Blood type: AB

Formed a dance group Little Winners Crew with miss A’s Min (2004) before debut.

my own opinian about hyoyeon : helloo~ you are one of my bias in SNSD, she's great dancer .. i love SNSD after watched you dance .. i hope my dance level as well as you .. wkwkwkwk 

look how amazing she is ..

6. yuri
Birth name: Kwon Yuri (Hangul: 권유리 | Hanja: 權侑利)
DOB: December 5, 1989
Height: 167cm | Blood type: AB

Played a part in sitcom Unstoppable Marriage (2007) alongside Sooyoung.
Duet with Sooyoung in Must – drama OST for Working Mom (2008).
Co-host with Tiffany for MBC’s Music Core (2009 – July 2010).
Starred in reality-variety show Invincible Youth (2009-2010).

my own opinian about yuri : she's my bias too~, oh my god i love the way she dance... always looks so sexy but not cheap, she's the sexy icon of SNSD, yaaa yuri i'm envy with your s-line ..

please watch her dance ..

7. sooyoung
Birth name: Choi Soo-young (Hangul: 최수영 | Hanja: 崔秀英)
DOB: February 10, 1990
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 170cm | Blood type: O

Made a brief debut (2002) in Japan as pop duo Route φ with Marina Takahashi.
Played a part in the sitcom Unstoppable Marriage alongside Yuri (2007).
Duet with Yuri in Must – drama OST for Working Mom (2008).
Played a part in movie Hello Schoolgirl (2008).

my own opinion about sooyoung : =.=a aissshh .. your legs are too beautiful hahahhaa, dance so well, she's dorky especially her weird aegyo .. wkwkkwwk so funny

8. yoona

Birth name: Im Yoona (Hangul: 임윤아 | Hanja: 林允兒)
DOB: May 30, 1990
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 166cm | Blood type: B

Played a part in drama 9 Ends 2 Out (2007).
Played a part in drama Woman of Matchless Beauty (2008).
Starred in drama You Are My Destiny (2008-2009).
Starred in drama Cinderella Man (2009).
Starred in variety show Family Outing 2 (2010).
Solo in Innisfree Day – commercial song for Innisfree (2010).

my own opinian about yoona : she's famous with her beauty, little bit dorky, one of lead dancer, and good in acting too~ multitalented huh ?

9. seohyun

Birth name: Seo Joo-hyun (Hangul: 서주현 | Hanja: 徐珠賢)
DOB: June 28, 1991
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 168cm | Blood type: A

Group maknae.
Released two singles, Oppa Nappa and Mabinogi, with Jessica and Tiffany.
Duet with trot singer Ju hyun-mi in JjaRaJaJja (2009).
Starred on variety show We Got Married with C.N.Blue’s Jung Yong-hwa (2010).
Solo in It’s Ok Even If It Hurts – drama OST for Kim Soo Roo (2010).
Voiced for animated film Despicable Me (2010).
Featured in Let’s Go – G20 Seoul Summit OST (2010).
Solo in Journey – drama OST for Paradise Ranch (2011).

my own opinion about seohyon : smart magnae, pretty and have a good attitude, always use formal languange .. kekekeke~

thats all about the member ^^

this is one of my favorite their live performance

what do you think ?


helloo~ there ... my name is vicky and i'm from indonesia. 

actually my english is still so-so but i'll try my best so that you all can understand what i mean  ..

altought right now i'm studying majoring in architecture but i really adore all about makeup and skincare, my favorites makeup style are gyaru look, ulzzang look, smokey eyes, but i dont hate to learn any other makeup style .. kekekekeke~ and for the skincare i prefer the natural ways * i'll post it soon as i can * ..

yes yes yes i'm a kpop addict, i love all of korean boy bands and girl bands but my idol is SNSD .. why ? because they're so talented, cute, sexy, and beautifull in one package (so complete huh ?) .. you know what i started to use makeup and more concern about my skin is all because of them, yeah i kind a SNSD wannabe (but in failed version, wkwkwkwkwk)..

ok i think its enough for the introduction, i hope you enjoy it !! see u soon .. chuu~