Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mirabella Chic Lipstick No. 06

Hello-hello~ Today i want to review the cheapest lipstick ever ! LOL, guess what the lipstick that i'll review is only $0,7 or IDR 6700, woohoo ! it's totally unbeatable ..hahaha

And cheapest lipstick that i own is from Mirabella, Mirabella is one of Martha Tilaar product and i believe all Indonesian people have known this brand already for such a long time, and my  mom is one of people that addict / love their matte lipstick. I have already review their matte lipstick, if you wanna see the review just click  HERE
And this is the cheapest lipstick that i said before, it called Mirabella Chic Lipstick and the shade is 06, unfortunately all shades color on the image above is way different in reality, just totally different.  Number 06 on the image is kind a plum rosy color but in reality it's actually nude tangerine color. Little bit useless laa~  we can't use those image as base before buy the product. 

But ok laa~ we can still go to counter and check the shade that we want.


The tube is quite tiny compare to other lipstick, and i think is cute >.< 
Love the lavender color too~

Just number and no name shade =.= .. 

Although this lipstick is kind a mini lipstick, but it contain quite a lot quantity. It's about 3,4 gram, ordinary lipstick usually contain about 3,8 gram-4,5 gram

As i said before the color is nude tangerine color or i can say is nude orangish color. First time when i applied this lipstick, the texture is kind a hard and i had to apply for couple time until i can get good pigmentation. But after i use this lipstick for a couple time i see that the texture lil a bit better, it's way more smooth and pigmented.

(Sorry for my chapped lips, i didn't realize that my lips is so dry till i saw these picture T.T)

Love it ! it's very enhance my complexion, rather than make my skin looks dull it's make my face fairer. 
Although i usually never complain about but i can say that i don't really like this lipstick's scent because it's kind a remind of expired product  whereas this lipstick expired on 2014, so weird ..

What i love :
  • Crazy cheap, it's only $0.67
  • Cute packaging
  • Pigmented
  • Doesn't make my lips dry so far
  • Nice shade
  • Easy to get
  • Cover lips very well
What i hate :
  • Expired product's scent
  • First time apply the texture kind a hard
Repurchase : Yes 

What's your cheapest lipstick girls ? just share with me 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Martha Tilaar Beauty News E-book

Hello Girls ! meet me again, hahaha today i'm quite neat because i posted 3 post in a one day~ 

Just wanna inform you that i found a good news because you can download Martha Tilaar Beauty News E-book for FREE ! 

How to download it ?
just visit their website and you can download for free

What does it contain ?

I haven't read all of it but i can say it's very interesting e-book to read, it contains description of all Martha Tilaar products, behind the scene of their ads, and also their great events

i captured some pages and here they are ..

It has 76 pages, so i couldn't capture all of them laaa~ haha >.< if you interested to read it, just visit their website and download it

Happy reading !!

See what i found at mini market near my house >.< !

I'am totally a cheapskate person , i can't stand to buy a cheap thingy ..and today i went to a mini market near my house and i found this items, guess what for 4 items it only cost me under 75k or $7.5 :D hehehe~

1. Mirabella chic lipstick in no 06
2. Sariayu liquid lip color in toba
3. Sariayu eyebrow pencil in hitam kelam
4. Purbasari blush on in pink

do you like to buy a cheap thingy too~ ?

Caring Colours Stay True Foundation

Everybody annyeong~ ! Do you use a foundation in a daily basis ? Me, of course not .. I'm still a college student so i don't need a full make up every day. Sunblock, powder, eyeliner, and lip balm are always be my partner , i don't use bb cream either for daily. Just makes me wonder, i do have quite a lot make up but i'm so lazy to use them.. can i finish all of them before they expired ? *sigh* ..

Enough for rambling, i just want to review my "the one and only" foundation, kekeke~ and it called Caring Colours Stay True Foundation. I bought this foundation because i quite impressed with my Caring Colours UV White Microfine Loose Powder and i thought their foundation will impressed me as well as their loose power.

So here is my review ....

Caring Colours Stay True Foundation comes with glass packaging and pump applicator, i really like pump applicator because it's very hygienic and easy to control how much liquid that we want to take

click the image above to see the ingredients !

First time when i got this foundation i was like "where is the cap? Zzz =.=" it'll messy if i bring on travel" but i was totally wrong ! you CAN'T push the pump if you don't unlock it, to unlock the pump you have to rotate the pump to the right.

And lastly the packaging is quite tiny so it really travel friendly, kekeke~  my hand looks huge :D

Caring Colours Stay True Foundation has 4 shades
1. Soft vanilla is for fair yellow skin tone
2. Shell petal is for medium pink skin tone
3. Natural glow is for fair to medium yellow skin tone
4. Sand beige is for medium to dark yellow skin tone
I'am about NC30 and mine is natural glow

For the texture, i think it has quite thick texture but easy to blend

For the coverage, it has medium to full coverage

After blending for a couple time it blends very well into my skin tone, no pektay laa~


In this test i will put the foundation only on my forehead, sorry for inconvenient view (my blemishes and the redness)

I only put a little amount of foundation, it's about green bean's size

The result is ... it can cover the redness and blemishes very well  although i only put a tiny amount foundation

What i love :
  • Cheap, but i can't remember how much it cost
  • It has neutral shade, not too yellow
  • Pump applicator is hygienic
  • Cute packaging
  • Natural finish
  • No cakey
  • No oxydize
  • Good staying power
  • Good coverage
  • Good oil control, after 6 hours my face getting oily
  • Matte finish
What i hate :
  • None
Repurchase : Yes 

Thanks for visiting my blog, if there's any question you can always ask me in the comment section bellow :))

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet

I have quite sensitive skin so i can't stand with harsh make up removal although it doesn't contain alcohol .. A lot of my fellow beauty addicts say that their HG make up removal is viv* green tea milk cleanser and face tonic but guess what i can't use it ! my face feel burnt and i can't stand it.. and another make up removal that i can't use also is ov*le it feel burnt in my face too~ 
Because this condition i always stick with one brand and never turn to any brand 
But because i won a giveaway and i got Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet , so i have no optional to try this stuff, cross my finger hope it doesn't harsh ..

Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet is Japan's product but we can get it in our local super market

click to enlarge if you wanna see the ingredients !

It comes with safety sticker to keep the tissue in wet condition

arigatou~ .. can't read the writing hahaha ... 

flip flop ! 

the size of the wet tissue 10cmx5cm and it only 1 layer


lipstick-bb cream- eyeliner-mascara-white eyeliner-eye shadow

One stroke ! it almost clean those up ! how i apply it ? wait for about 5 seconds then swap !

After 2 swaps ! it squeeky clean ..

 a full face make up at least needs 2 pieces tissues, that's me with a quite heavy make up and that's my mom .. pretty huh ?


what i love :
  • Cheap 10 sheets for about $2.2
  • Doesn't feel burnt
  • Cleans any water proof make up
  • Nice scent
  • Travel friendly
  • Doesn't sting my eyes
what i hate :
  • None

Have you try this stuff ?, if you haven't just try it ! really recommended

thanks for reading bye~

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mirabella color fix lipstick no. 67

Yeayy ! i'm kind a excited to review this product because in my opinion i just found my perfect matte reddish color lipstick :D *big smile* ..

And this it ! it called Mirabella color fix lipstick no. 67

The box is kind a errr .. boring =.=" looked so cheap 

click the picture above if you wanna see the ingredients ! 

It has a slim tube, quite sleek and shiny purple color, i love the packaging~

Unfortunately it only has number for each shade it would be great if there's a name of each shade

I can't do well to describing colors but i think it is a reddish brown color

Yes is a matte lipstick but i found that it doesn't clumpy and hard to blend like other matte lipstick, i can easily apply this lipstick with perfect result. And also this lipstick has a great pigmentation .. i only did in one stroke and my lips covered really well

Me with Mirabella color fix lipstick no. 67 !

What do you think ?
I really love this shade because makes my skin tone fairer and also doesn't make my face look old (in my opinion) 

What i love :
  • Cheap, it only about $3,6
  • Red color that enhance yellow skin tone
  • Easy to blend
  • Nice packaging, the packaging is kind a luxury
  • No clumpy
  • Great pigmentation, one stroke and voilla !
  • Can get easily at local super market etc
  • Great staying power, they claimed it's kiss proof LOL :D

What i hate :
  • None

Repurchase :  Yes yes .. i already have a wishlist for another shades :))

Just wanna say that i'll have a KKN for a month start from 8th July until 9th August  so i can't reply your reply as as i usually do but i'll still post some reviews on that time, because i did some post already for that time and i set automatically post so you may see some review although i do my KKN 

Hope you have a great time on this long weekend, have a nice holiday .. bye~