Saturday, July 16, 2011

circle lens and geo nudy gray review

everybody annyeong~ ..

today i'm gonna do a review for a circle lens, circle lens is known as a big contact lens ( it can be a big diameter or it result eye's pupil look larger  and it can both). you know because most of asian have a small eyes therefore circle lens is soo popular in asia. 

basically circle lens is same as ordinary contact lens but circle lens can make your eyes appear bigger than if 
you use ordinary contact lens, because the pattern of circle lens is full untill the edge and "most" of  them have a black ring at the outer lens.

this is for the example :

look!!it has a black bold outer ring right ?

i have some comparison between ordinary contact lens and circle lens, please take look ...

me with ordinary contact lens 14,5 mm (a+ Q hazel) :

me with circle lens 14,00 mm (geo nudy gray) :

as you can see although the diameter of circle lens that i use is smaller than my ordinary contact lens but my eyes look bigger and dolly look.

alright then lets review the geo nudy gray :

  • pattern : some people say that it'll make their eyes look like a lizard's eyes ?? BIG noo .. trust me it's really pretty, it is not really opaque and blend so well in my eyes (i have very dark brown eyes). you can not see the pattern if you dont see it close up.
  • color : in indoor it will look more dark blue than gray and it doesn't show off untill the lighting is bright. in outdoor it will look dark gray.
  • comfort : i'm using it almost 8 months or more, and it still very comfort, it doesn't make my eyes dry or tired.. and also i can using it untill 7 hours or more 
  • price : cheap, i got it for $12 exclude shipping cost

my picts using geo nudy gray :

with the flash

for you girls that really want to use a circle lens but not really bold (opaque), enhance your eyes so well i really recommend this lens ..

so that's all my review, if you have some questions .. please ask me :D


  1. I've heard so much about these! I think depending on who wears them, they can look scary on some people. Surprisingly, they look natural on you, though! Very nice :)

  2. i really want to try them out!

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    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. @huda kaake : yeaaah lucky me i have very dark brown eyes so this lens blend really well in my eyes ... it doesn't look scary at all :D

    @breezeybey : just try them out !hahaha .. btw i have followed your blog too girl .. thanks for visit my blog ...

  4. great review! they make your eyes look so pretty! i wear contacts already, so i should and will definitely check these out! :)

  5. @leigh : aawww .. thank you so much

  6. These look nice, you're really pretty! Im studying architecture at uni and am also really interested in beauty...we have a lot in common :)


  7. lianne : thank you so much .. you're more pretty than i'am !!.. i'm so happy met fellow blogger that have a lot of same interested with me :D ..

  8. they look so pretty on you, really suit you! xx

  9. I have use this lens too, so nice!

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    thank youu

  10. orla : thanks :DD

    cominica-ai : udaa aku refollow ce len ... :D

  11. OMg there so cute
    i would love to try them out u rlly liked the nudy grey ones they look amazing on u <3<3<3
    have a great day !!
    plz follow me honey im totally followuing you i only have 2 followers :(

  12. They look super cute in your eyes! :) great blog, Im your new follower, hope you'll follow back :)

  13. thnx sweetheart and im already following you :)

  14. I should try colored lenses too :D you look great with them on ^^

  15. I would love to try them out u rlly liked the nudy grey ones they look amazing on u <3<3<3
    have a great day !!

    Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again