Wednesday, August 3, 2011

circle lens haul

hello guys, long time no see :D !!

i'm super excited because today i'm gonna show you my circle lens haul, i bought geo fresh grey (fc-725) and geo tricolor brown (cm-902) from .. if you live in Indonesia i really recommend this seller because they sell very affordable contact lens or circle lens in a great quality... 

and here it is the package :

hahaha .. i was super lazy to blur my address so i decide to cover it with my hand :p *silly

it contains of 2 ordinary lens cases and 2 pair of my circle lens 

for you guys who never use geo circle lens before please make sure that your geo lens have sticker on it... scratch the grey part and you will see some code to check the authenticity of your geo lens in here, because there are so many fake geo lens out there so you must be careful ... 

i'm not gonna do review these lenses now because i do not open it yet *sorry guys T.T it because i run out of my solution and i haven't had time to buy a new one.. so i just wanna show you guys how it look like inside the bottle *hahahhahaha ..

  • geo fresh grey (fc-725)

P.S please ignore my messy bed :D

i chose this lens because i heard that it isn't obvious and natural looking, but it still enhance the eyes 

  • geo tricolor brown (cm-902)

you know what ? i chose this lens because i really adore with the circle lens that angela baby use in this picture

but i don't know exactly what brand and series is, so i browsed on internet and i found that geo tricolor brown is the dope of circle lens that she use :D hahahaaha *evil laugh

i hope these circle lens make my eyes pretty :DD

see guys soon, bye !!


  1. Very cool :)

    Check out my awards for you on my blog


  2. Lens scare me LOL
    i hvnt mastered the art of putting them on and removing them :(

    Thanks alot for following! me following you back

  3. mkasiii yah sayang awardnyaaa :D
    aku post nanti yah klo sempet *hugs*

  4. @sladjana : thank you darl ..

    @zatz : lens is very nice it will never bit you :D, try them and you'll be so gorgeous ..

    @cominica : sama2 ce len ....

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