Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review : Geo fresh grey (fc-725)

Hi guys what's up ? my homeworks a bit kill me that's way i didn't post anything lately, miss me ? of course NO .. hahahaha :D . Today i just wanna do a quick review of my geo fresh grey that i currently LOVE it LOVE it so much *LOL ..

and here my fresh grey :

Geo fresh grey (fc-725)
DIA : 14.0 mm
B.C : 8.6
Water : 38 %
Life span : 1 year

indoor :
hahahahahha ... they look more black than grey, some my friend asked me if i use a black circle lens :D, but that's what i want because basically i want a black lens *i want super natural lens* but some of my friends told me that black lens is so creepy, ghost looking and unnatural at all ... so i try this lens and voilla it really natural and doesn't obvious at all like my natural eyes ..

with flash 

  • Color_Design 6/10 : natural looking, blend so well with my natural eye color and i adore with the pattern~ but for the color it isn't opaque at all
  • Comfort 10/10 : this is the most comfortable lens that i ever used, and this is more comfortable than my geo tricolor brown
  • Enlargement 7/10 : yeaah it's a bit makes my eyes big but doesn't creepy
  • Overall 10/10 : overall i love this lens so much and currently it's my favorite out of my other lenses

i hope you enjoy it, keep healthy .. bye bye !!


  1. Hi Vicky, Love grey color lenses. I actually prefer more natural looking and prefer it to be less opaque. Even then these do look a little too plan even for me. What size are these again?

  2. abu-abunya natural yak >.<
    racun baru <3 kebetulan black lens-ku mau expired x(
    nice review Sist :D

  3. @Fannie : hi fannie !! it's 14,0 mm hehehe i forgot to write it on my review ... it's actually darker than in pictures, my friends can't tell that i wear grey lens even i open my eyes widely :D ... so maybe you'll like it

    @♥ CHAOI ♥ : iyaaaap di aku malah kayak item :D kyaknya kalo expired bakal repurchase lagi hehehee ....yang coklat juga bagus loooh tmenku ada yg pake ..

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  5. Grey is always my favorite color when it comes to contacts. The more natural the better I think. :) They look really nice on you.