Friday, August 17, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Almost Nude #117

I can't get enough to buying lip product again and again although i already have 30++ lip products in my make up bag, i just can't hold my self whenever i see a lip product with pretty shade, it just me or every girls do the same ? :D .. hahaha

The lipstick that i wanna review is a HG nude lipstick of A LOT of people, it being rave at some beauty forums and made me curious to try it out.

If you are interested please check this review !!

Surprisingly this lipstick is very affordable in Indonesa i got this lipstick less than $3 or IDR 30.000 after discount, and i guess Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick is the cheapest lipstick that Revlon has.

For less than $3 lipstick, the packaging is quite good .. not fragile or anything, i love the transparent on the top tube it helps to see the color clearly, and the black color is slightly makes this lipstick looks expensive (?) 

I saw some reviews about this lipstick some people said that it has an unpleasant scent and some other said that it has no scent. And for me i can tell that it has no scent at all and it good point for me because for some reason i never use my other lipsticks whenever it has a strong scent.

It glide smoothly on my lips but it drying out my lips after a couple hours whether i use lip balm 

It's peachy nude color, it doesn't look pale on my NC30 skin tone, but sometimes it oxidized and the color changing into pink beige/pinky nude

It quite good pigmentation, i need 2-3 swipes until it can cover my uneven lip

So-so laa~ it only stay on my lip about 3-4 hours and i must reapply it

What i love :
  • Cheap, it's only $3
  • Nice packaging
  • No scent at all
  • It has a lot of shades (Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick) 
  • Easy to get 
  • Quite good pigmentation
What i hate :
  • Drying so bad
  • So so staying power
Repurchase : Maybe another shade

What's your favorite shade from Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick ? Please share here~


  1. padahal baguss ya.... sayang bikin garing bibir... aku juga udah pernah pake superlustrous 'peach me' tapi ya itu dia bikin bibir kemarau... :D

  2. iyaa sayang bgt padahal range warna super lustrous tuh banyak plus cakep cakeep smua tapi teteup ya hasrat bencong.. masih ada niat beli nude velvet, ginger rose ato flesh tone :D

  3. waa padahal aku baca di forum Revlon katanya udah ganti formula makanya pengen beli, tapi kalo baca reviewnya jadi mundur teratur. . .

    1. hahaha .. coba aja sih menurutku g papa, soalnya aku g tau juga punyaku sebelum reformula apa beluumm hehe, cakep juga kok menurutku g rugi

  4. aku punya seri ini 3 biji dan tetep, semua bikin kering. Padahal warnanya cantik cantik lho.

    Vicky, kamu aku tag di sini yaaa

    1. okee sip thank you yaaa .. ini nih padahal cakep2 smuanya :D