Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review : Vivian Pineapple Grey

Hi everyone long time no see ~ today i wanna share to you about my new pair of circle lens, i bought this lens about 2 weeks ago, it's my first time to try a circle lens in a really big in diameter .. i usually only buy 14.00 mm, 14.20 mm and 14.50 mm for my circle lens but this circle lens that i bought is 17.20 in diameter, huahahaa ..sounds scary right ?

This circle lens called  Vivian Pineapple Grey, and it's a DUPE of Vassen forest .. i bought Vivian Pineapple because i saw at some beauty forums this circle lens has a opaque and vibrant color, my eyes is super pigmented and all circle lens i've tried before always look dark/almost black on my eyes =.="

Description :
Vivian Pineapple Grey
DIA : 17.2 mm 
B.C : 8.6
Water : 56 %
Life span : 1 year
Made in : Japan 

It comes with vial bottle like other circle lens, i love the pattern on the sticker it's really simple yet pretty

I saw on many beauty portals that Vivian Pineapple Grey will look like cataract eyes when you put on because it has very vibrant and opaque, but it doesn't happen to me .. i can't see it is a GREY color because on me it looks more GREENISH, i only see the grey color when i take photo with blitz but still it doesn't look like cataract eyes.

This me with Vivian Pineapple Grey

I don't recommend if you using this lens without make up, it's too unnatural and too big for daily basic .. i prefer using this lens when i go out in the night time.

  • Color_Design 8/10 : unique, it tri tone color but doesn't make your eyes like a lizard
  • Comfort 10/10 : TOP, i usually get my eyes dry in air conditioner room when i use my other lenses but it doesn't
  • Enlargement 10/10 : It's not 17,20 mm in real life .. i think it just 15,00 mm but still it makes my eyes super BIG !
  • Overall 10/10 : overall i love this lens so much because it's so comfy and it gives innocent and cute effect on me.

By the way i got my giveaway prize from yesterday super exciting to try these stuff, by the way please check out her blog and her youtube account .. Her make up skill is DAEBAK !! hahaha 

Thanks for visiting my blog, see you next time !!

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