Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update about snake

you might know that i found a little snake that i posted not long time ago, when i found it my mom said "i think it's a baby" and i answered "no ..no.. i think it's kind a snake that can't grew big" ..

i had no idea what kind of snake she/he is and i didn't know what food that i must give it to it .. so i asked to a facebook group that members are a reptile lover ..but the respond was so long, i was afraid that the snake can starve to death so i decided to release it.

i had already released it 2 days ago and i got the answered from facebook group yesterday, they said "it is Elaphe Flavolineata or sometimes it called coffee snake, they eat rat, frog, bird ... "

i shocked a bit after i browsed internet to see the picture of Elaphe Flavolineata/coffee snake because they obvious can grew quite big or big, mine was totally a real BABY 

snake that i found

and it can grew this BIG

aigoo~ although it isn't poisonous snake but i believe it can eat my cat  (-___-!!)

my cat "Macan"

aaaarrrgghh .. don't eat me !! LOL

what do you think guys ?? hahahaha .. scary huh ?


  1. hhi,si macan uda pulang ya mba?
    jadi gimana tuh ularnya :D

  2. Wow, the snake can grow up to be so huge! Yes, it looks like it may grow big enough to eat cats! Great post!

  3. @UcciuCrid : udah kok dy tambah nakal aja makan tambah milih2 .. ularnya udah kulepas soalnya repot ngasih makannya, uda gitu jijik smua makanannya ...

    Penelope : i little bit shocked that tiny snake can grow up so big ..

  4. This snake is so spooky .How could u take pics of it.

    Love your blog

    Definitely following you.

    Follow me back

  5. Dolly Daydream : hahaha .. thank you hun :D

    ♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ : because i don't afraid at all it so cute by the way :)), awww ..thank you i'll following back too~

  6. what a cute snake, for a baby snake...but not for the grown up and getting bigger. big no no...btw, i think i'm not dare enough to touch your baby snake.

  7. Hahaha.. yes, I believe it can eat your cat too.
    Just put your cat away from those snakes!
    Oh my God.. where do you find that snake?
    But it looks cute though.
    I'm your new follower!

    Take a look my blog too when you have a time, and feel free to follow if you like it (:
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  8. Permisi.. Kalau boleh tahu, ularnya dilepas ke mana ya? Soalnya saya jg nemuin ular yg sama. Saya pengen ngelepasin ular ini, tp saya jg takut ular ini dibunuh kalo ada orang yang nemuin. Tolong kasih saran lokasi yang paling aman buat lepasin ular ini. Makasih..

    1. Dilepas di deket sungai atau hutan mas .. apa kalo enggak dideket sawah