Sunday, June 26, 2011


what's the meaning of ullzzang ? 

ullzzang in korea means "best face" or "good looking" .. you know most of korean are so concern about physical appearance, they're challenging them self to be the famous ullzzang girls or ullzzang boys via their own cyworld (some kind of social network that famous in korea) .. most of ullzzang have a simillar features like big eyes, pointed nose, fair flawless skin and now days a v shape face ..

how ever ... to get the best features, i think most of them (ullzzangs) did have plastic surgery .. as you know plastic surgery is very popular in korea society.

these some of teenage ullzzang that become famous actress, actor, and singer...
1. goo hye sun
2. yoona snsd

3. jaejoong jyj
4. some random ullzzang and some netizen do an ullzzang look

hahaha .. i love the last picture :D

edited : hey i found these girl makeup tutorial .. she's so amazing, her makeup's is skill daebak !!

see you soon
love you guys chuuu~


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  2. thank you girl .. i've followed your blog :))