Saturday, June 25, 2011


helloo~ there ... my name is vicky and i'm from indonesia. 

actually my english is still so-so but i'll try my best so that you all can understand what i mean  ..

altought right now i'm studying majoring in architecture but i really adore all about makeup and skincare, my favorites makeup style are gyaru look, ulzzang look, smokey eyes, but i dont hate to learn any other makeup style .. kekekekeke~ and for the skincare i prefer the natural ways * i'll post it soon as i can * ..

yes yes yes i'm a kpop addict, i love all of korean boy bands and girl bands but my idol is SNSD .. why ? because they're so talented, cute, sexy, and beautifull in one package (so complete huh ?) .. you know what i started to use makeup and more concern about my skin is all because of them, yeah i kind a SNSD wannabe (but in failed version, wkwkwkwkwk)..

ok i think its enough for the introduction, i hope you enjoy it !! see u soon .. chuu~

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