Thursday, June 30, 2011

fanbo eyeshadow kit

about a month ago i went to gardena *kind a department store i guess xD* .. and i found this eyeshadow kit..

this pallete is only $ 3.2 (32.000 rupiah) ... hahhahaha crazy cheap!!!

i bought the pesona kupu 02, compare with the 01 its more natural color that i can use daily. although it's so cheap but 9 of them are pigmented, only the torquise one is less pigmented (but it isn't big deal right?, remaind this palette so cheap xD)

and here is the swatch (pardon for blurness for the swatch i'm just using my handphone)

alright .. see you soon, chuuu~ ..


  1. mauu eyeshadow nya >.<
    review dong ^^

  2. yurina : iyaaa sabar yaa say, camdigku soalnya lagi banyak virus .. kmrn nancep lappy virusnya ada 70an T.T mau d bersihiin dulu

  3. wah kebetulan lagi nyari review eyeshadow fanbo..udah aku follow blognya..thanks ya :)

  4. mutiara tanjung : oke darl .. sama2 i hope it helpfull ... :))