Saturday, June 25, 2011


what is gyaru ? 

Gyaru (ギャル?) is a Japanese transliteration of the English word gal, that of girl being gaaru (ガール?). The name originated from a 1970s brand of jeans called "gals", with the advertising slogan: "I can't live without men", and was applied to fashion- and peer-conscious girls in their teens and early twenties. Its usage peaked in the 1980s and has gradually declined. The term gradually drifted to apply to a younger group, whose seeming lack of interest in work or marriage gained the word a "childish" image. It is now used almost interchangeably with kogyaru.
Gyaru subculture is still a large influence in Japan's fashion economy with Gal brands branching out and becoming more accessible in rural areas. In Tokyo, more often than not, a shopping center at each main train station dedicated to offering the newest and trendiest items from popular Gal brands. Some brands are also reaching overseas by having their items easily accessible in webshops offering world-wide shipping services. Gal Circles (gyaru-sa/ギャルサー) are also a fun part of a gal's life.
A Gal Circle is a group of gals that meet up and hold events promoting gal style, music, and parapara dancing. There are two main types of Gal Circles, Nago-cir (comfort circles) and Ive-cir (event circles).

alright alright .. those words can't describe gyaru as well as photos, ok let's take a look these photos :

tsubasa masuwaka is a famous gyaru model in japan but she also very popular around the world i guess 

the point of gyaru style:
1. big eyes
  2. big lashes
    3. pink cheek
      4. pink pale lip
      5. flawless skin 

recently i read some article about gyaru but i'm forget where i read it, in that article i saw some namie amuro's  picture and secondly i'm fall in love with her look .. she's cute yet gorgeous, i never think that gyaru look can look sexy and cute in same time. check this out ..

OMG i think she will be my next inspired look


  1. i also love namie a. and i love the fact that she looks sooo young.

  2. princessmicah : yeaahh .. i was think she is 22-25, but when i saw her profile she is 33 my jaw dropped .. btw thanks for visited my blog ..

  3. I love love love namie sooooo much :D
    bet in her 34, she still that gorgeous!
    my HOT MAMA