Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sariayu Mineral Liquid Lip Color in Toba

It's been 2 weeks that i hiatus from blogging world .. for me it's quite long hiatus because i usually update my blog at least once a week. Again, my homework from college don't let me do anything beside my homework T.T ..

Actually i'm in stress doing my homework right now so i only do a super quick review ! don't blinking or you'll missed something LOL :D

for packaging it's so Indonesian, as you can see the tube is full of Indonesian ornament which is very attractive yet exotic

Come with double tube of container that contains of liquid lipstick and lipgloss

the lipgloss
the liquid lipstick


The lipgloss basically it's only an "almost" clear lipgloss because it doesn't have any coverage but it has a super pretty shimmer~ love love it so much >.<

And for the liquid lipstick it has very good pigmentation and coverage

Both have a same texture, not sticky but it gives a slightly heavy feeling compare to ordinary lipgloss, maybe it caused by it is a liquid lipstick and has a good coverage


The colors is little bit different with my sariayu toba 01 lipstick, Sariayu Mineral Liquid Lip Color in Toba is more orangish and  sariayu toba 01 lipstick is way more pinkish


After apply the lipgloss .. the color is slightly more calm down and gives wet look, and by the way this product has a sweet scent .. it reminds me of markisa fruit.

What i love :
  • Cheap, it's only $3.2
  • Cute packaging
  • Pigmented
  • Nice shade
  • Easy to get
  • Cover lips very well
  • Sweet scent
What i hate :
  • Nope !
Repurchase : Yes, next target is Reog !

Have u ever try this product ? just tell me your opinion ...


  1. Aku satu seleraaaa sama kamu vickyyyy.... Aku juga suka warna2 lisptick yg peachy2 brownie2 gmn lah... bagus bgt ini warnanya... ^^

    1. Hahahaha .. iyaa miz soalnya kita kan koneng kenceng yaa :D jadi emg cocok warna2 warna warm macam peachy2 getuu :D

  2. Nice swatch, warnanya jatohnya cakep n ngga terlalu terkesan tebel. Wah harus saya coba nich :)

    1. ini cakep bgt loo~ .. pigmented pula hehehe~ recommended deee

  3. baguss mba kesannya natural, tp ngliad ini jadi penasaran buat mampir ke counternya