Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sariayu Lipstick in Toba 01 : Swatch & Review

Every body annyeong~ !! it's about a month i didn't update anything, sorry T.T.. like i've said before my school assignment is recently killing me damn much so that i can't update my blog T.T. I hope in the future i can update more often as usual ..

anyway let me review a lip product that i use almost every day, it called Sariayu (it is Indonesian make up brand too~) and this is in shade toba 01.

the packaging really ethnic and show off sense of Indonesia

my bad camera, it doesn't show the real color .. actually it isn't that pink -_-''

the swatches :

color description :
it is a brown color with tiny hint of orange

see ? it looks so gorgeos right ?! that's why i love it :D

what i love :
  • cheap but i don't remember the price is
  • it's sheer !! 
  • really looks natural
  • glidely smooth on my lips

what i hate :
  • the ornament on packaging is only a plastic wrap so that if you don't cut exactly on the line tube you'll get a transparant tube which is not so pretty
  • kind a dry but still ok lah~

thanks for reading, and till next time byee~


  1. my fave lipstick~~~

  2. SeVeRuSLoVez : me too~ hahaha ...

  3. Unie Kitty : i don't remember the price, but i'm sure it's under 30k ..

  4. Very nice lipstick shade. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Ms. Ami (Mizha Salim) : haahaha .. iya jeng cakep ni lippen, eh km juga anak fd yaaa jeng ? :D

  6. wow, colors looks nice too, xoxoxoxoxo
    i have in no. 2

    cekidot on my blog (‾⌣‾)♉:

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