Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet my baby

Let me introduce my baby :D, her name is Macan (in Indonesian it called tiger) .. i have adopted her about half a year ..

Where did i find her ? i found her in the trash front of my house eating TISSUE, can you imagine what i felt at the moment ? :'(( so yeah .. after that i gave her some food to eat but she still afraid of me, this condition was almost for a month ..

Macan is kind weird cat, almost 6 months she doesn't want to be touch or anything .. *so weird* hahaha but if i bring her a food she will be very spoiled BUT sometimes if i don't bring anything she act so spoiled too~ i guess she is a MOODY cat hahaha ... :D 

It's about a week i've taught her how to kiss my check and voilla now she CAN !! yeeeay now she is a dolphin LOL :D hahaha...

and here is my Macan 

"hey what are you looking at ?" she said


hahahaha .. what's she doing ?

it was taken when she got sore eye *eyesore? oh my english is so bad* :((

i love her so much and i hope she does :D, thanks for reading .. so you guys later !!


  1. Astaga,mirip sama kucingku si chimot yg kabur dr rumah,hiks..

  2. @ Lovely CosMemasa' sih ? .. hahahaha coba liat fotonya .. :D