Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rivera Two Way Cake UV White

Random post :
My assignments recently quite kill me T.T so maybe i'll can't post blog as often as usual .. but i promise i'll update it at least once a week *i'll try my best wish me luck* :))

By the way recently i bought my first two way cake, and maybe you'll say "what your 1st two way cake ? where have you been sista ?" .. i know i know -___- i never have any two way cake before because i have  an oily skin so that i'm scared that it'll break me out, hahahahaaaha .. and i've tried my mom's two way cake from caring colours and it didn't impressed me at all so that i never really want to try any two way cake, for me loose powder is enough because i don't have any scars problem or anything.

Untill when i was buy Rivera Face Shimmering Powder and there was discount 25% for all their product *Rivera* so i try to buy their two way cake ...* who can't resist a discount girls ? >,<*

here is the product :

berhadiah lipstick means free lipstick (?) :D LOL

for me the packaging is quite good although it's a bit remains me of a vintage make up but ok laaah~

my shade is natural by the way
it comes with big mirror

the sponge is under the compact powder

this is the lipstick / lip balm that i got for free, hey you know what it's better than my nivea lip balm :D

Swatch :

as you can see from this swatch, it has a great coverage

what i love :
  • cheap, it's actually $3,8 but i got it only $2.5 
  • makes my face feels smooth
  • good coverage
  • buttery texture
  • no chalky at all
  • can find it easily

what i hate :
  • thick packaging

Overall i adore this product because it's damn cheap for a two way cake but it has good quality (way better than my mom's two way cake)

I hope you enjoy this review and feel free to drop a comment ..

see you next time byeee~


  1. Too bad they don't sell that where i live... :(

  2. Ini finishnya matte apa glowy ya?
    Aku pakai Fanbo TWC gagal, hasil akhirnya dead matte nggak cerah dan cakey. Jadi agak-agak curiga sama TWC rivera ini, soalnya mereka satu rumah produksi. haha...traumaku nggak nyambung ya?
    Tapi liat iming-iming "good coverage", 'no chalky" dan yang penting "cheap" jadi mupeng :)))))

    1. wah g tau celle .. coba deh kpn2 aku beli refillnya twc fanbo buat emak anee biar bisa compare, di aku g cakey sih malah ngeblend pas mulai keringetan, dy finishnya matte tp lama2 dy dewy applynya aku pke brush ...

  3. ini dia review yg aku cari \(^o^)/
    btw salam kenal ya....sama2 blogger jogja nih, tp aku masi nubie.

    1. wah jogja juga ? salam kenal juga :D ..

  4. suka kemasan two way cake nya iiiii...