Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maybelline bb cream

hello guys~ i wanna share to you about maybelline bb cream that i use regularly, by the way there are only 2 bb cream that available in Indonesia ... maybelline and caring colors bb cream (what a pity -____-"!!). i've reviewed bb cream caring too~ you can check it out by click here :DD

i read from other blogger post it came with 2 shade, fresh ( light ) and natural (medium) .. and unlucky there's no shade natural yet in Indonesia. it's a bit suck .. you know most of indonesian girls have a medium skintone like me :(( .. 

so here's the picture :

it's so tiny, only 18ml ..

up-down = maybelline-caring colors
as you can see maybelline's bb cream slightly lighter that caring's bb cream

blend blend and blend

in this picture it looks similar but trust me maybelline is lighter

what i love :
  • cheap, only $ 3.9
  • doesn't break me out
  • makes my skin glowy smooth 
  • blend so well
what i hate :
  • first apply it look too light for my skintone but after a minute it blends so good
  • too tiny

overall i love this bb cream and i have repurchased it more than twice .. but i hope natural shade will be available in Indonesia soon :DD

thanks for reading, hope you like it .. bye bye !!


  1. i was looking for a review of maybelline's bb cream...but too bad it is only available light in lighter shades i would prefer to buy a darker shade!thanks for the review.

  2. aku jadi pengen beli deh vick >_<

  3. @Arnindhita : ayoo bun beli ajaa .. :DD

  4. im also using it right now... ohhh $3.9 its cheaper in ur country.. I bought mine around $4-5...

  5. @anjei : really ? waaah .. lucky me, thanks for visit :DD

  6. yup.. and it was on sale that time :D

  7. aku kok pake ini wajahku gatel2 yah ><

    1. mungkin g cocok sama ingredientsnyaa ...