Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pixy blush on in orange salmon 03

Hello hello~ guys :)) can you see that my blog's layout kind a different ?? hahaha .. i changed my background and also changed some font color etc etc .. by the way this background is my own design that i used for my assignment, what do you think ?? i hope you like it :D ..

Today i just wanna to review a blush on from Pixy in orange salmon *Indonesian brand* that lately quite being rave in some of beauty forums in Indonesia, but i had this blush for a long time ago ..

and here's the product :

yeaah it's already dirty and so many scratch on it :p

although it almost 6 months i haven't hit the pan :D hahaahahaaa ...


it's very light peachy pink color and i really like it, i think it'll not show up on more than nc30

what i love :
  • cheap, it's about $2-$3
  • have 6 variation shades
  • can find it easily
  • suit on my skin tone and natural looking

what i hate :
  • the pan is so tiny
  • the packaging is so fragile, and i already broke the case :D

untill next time, byeeee~ !!


  1. diriku juga pernah pake blush on ini, yg warna pink, pink flower apa kalo ga salah. terus jd jerawatan gede2, sungguh sangat menyesal makenya..

    akhirnya ku ksh kakakku, di pake dy sampe abis gak bersisa, tapi ga satupun nongol jerawat..
    tapi emang bagus sih di pipi hasilnya..

    1. wah sayang yaa kalo g cocok secara si pixy warnanya cakep2 dan g menor .. trus yang pnting dy affordable

  2. ini mengandung oil ga sih? kayak mineral oil ato hydrogenated castor oil gitu.

    1. Kurang tau sis .. boxnya udah aku buang soalnya jadi gak bisa baca komposisinyaa ..