Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rivera lipstick in number 17

Please don't get bored cause i will review about a lip product AGAIN because i totally a lip product JUNKIES although in reality i don't really like to use lipstick (but i do love lip balm for my daily basis) because my lips kind a full so if i put lipstick i fell like my lips is a point of view although i put heavy eye make up .. but it doesn't stop me to collecting lipstick more and more .. *it's sick actually* ..

So today i want to review about Rivera lipstick in number 17, It's my 1st time trying their lipstick although i already tried their cover foundation, shimmer face powder and their two way cake and most of them and i fell ok with it, i mean it worth for the prices.. 

The carton box just like Blaaaahhh~ :p , Javanesse people would definitely called it "NDESO", wkwkwkwk :D

The packaging is look like black color but actually is dark blue and it seems look more luxury than her sister line lipstick, Fanbo

See! it's dark blue right ? 
I don't really mind about their *not so pretty* packaging because i'm kind a *what the hell are thinking about i don't care* person LOL :D

I hope their comes with a name of shade not just number, is it so DIFFICULT to give name for shade ? aahhh~ you just lazy 


The color is FROSTY peach color which is unique, because i never have any frosty lipstick color

Sorry for blurry picture, i only applied on my bottom lips, the texture is quite good and easy to glide on

i applied on my upper and bottom lips
For the scent, it has similar scent with Fanbo lipstick but isn't that strong, for me scent is still tolerable

Finally my camera can capture the real color, but sorry again .. i applied the lipstick messily --"
How pretty is the color ? it's like my MLBB color but in FROSTY 

What i love :
  • Damn cheap, it's about $2
  • Easy to slide on
  • Can find it easily
  • Unique shade
  • Have a nice texture
  • So far doesn't my lips dry or anything
What i hate :
  • Isn't wearable for daily because it's FROSTY
Repurchase : Yes for another color !

that's all my review, till next time byeee~ !!


  1. Where did you buy your rivera products? :D
    I want to try buying a few of their products XD

    1. you can buy it on your local make up store ! :D

  2. Hwaaa...akhirnya ada yg review lipen rivera. Aku pernah punya tapi ilang, & udah lupa rasanya ^^'.
    Teksturnya bagusan mana sama Fanbo, Vic?

    1. sama aja kalo teksturnya kayaknya, cuma baunya g tajem kayak si fanboo .. beli gih celle yang mirip ama teracottanya inez :D wkwkkwkwkwk ...

    2. ihh ngledek, lipenku yang itu kan ilaangg, inget aja. -___-
      Baru juga sedekah2in lipen, masa suruh beli lagiii. Eh tapih pengennnn. Lagian kan murah yak *galau*

    3. LOL :D ...ayo kalo lippen murce mah hajar bleh! aku dulu dtawarin itu sama SAnya tapi malah lebih milih yang ini, coba cari dulu celle kali aja nyempil2 dmn gtu :D

  3. hai ^^
    makasi ya udah follow blog aku *peluk* hihihi
    btw, lipen ini teksturnya kayak gmana? apakah creamy kayak si inez? terus long lasting ga sih??? :))

    1. iyaaa sama2 :D, waah aku belum pernah pake lippennya inez jadi g bisa compare .. ni tekturenya kayak lippennya fanbo bisa nutup bibir dengan baik so far so goodlah .. cuma minusnya baunya rada tajem