Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Super Junior Live in Jakarta

Hello~ hello~ what's up guys !! it's been a quite long time since i don't update my blog, my assignment was KILL damn hard ! i even can't sleep ... 5 out of 7 days i was only not more than 1-1,5 hours sleep which is crazy and my dark circle now even worst than Mr. SBY our president wkwkwkkwkkwk LOL :D ..

But right now i can little bit  breathing because today i have already submitted my assignment :)) * hope i can get good result * 

As you can see on my title post i wanna share with you Indonesian people who are ELFs, your dream will be come true because our boys SUPER JUNIOR will held a SS4 live in Jakarta !!! finally ... 

Please watch this video :

hahahaaa i really laughed so hard when i watched this video, my bias Eunhyuk is so funny LOL .. 

See how "LEBAY" he is when he heard they will have a concert in Jakarta .. 

see Donghae die laughing :D .. *Donghae is my bias too~*

So SS4 live in Jakarta will held at Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta

28 April 2012 (19.00)
29 April 2012 (13.30)

So prepare you self guys to watch this AMAZING concert :D spread so much LOVE and CARE to them

Well i won't see this concert though :(( because i can't afford the ticket *my mom prefer to use our money for my college's semester which is quite pricey* but it's OK .. i've already HAPPY because they finally held Super Show in Indonesia, hahaha Indonesian ELF already waiting this happen for a long time ago :D

For Super Junior, hope you'll enjoy Indonesia !! we love you <3

peace yoo !! :D


  1. i love super junior <3<3<3<3 ^^

  2. pengen ntooon..haaah...pasti muahal bgt tiketnya...*___*

    1. muahaaaal dan pasti rebutan aje gilee kesempatan 1: 1.000.000 hahahahaaa...

  3. hahhahaha wah akhirnya yah ELF Jakarta~~
    untung aku gak ngefans juga ama suju, jadi gak kelabakan guling2 pengen nonton kkkk :)

    1. aku sih ngefans tapi g kelabakan secara g ada sponsor LOL :D