Friday, March 30, 2012

I can't drink coffee but i still can wake up on the rest of the night

For an architecture's student sleeping is a diamond, i don't exaggerate but it is the reality .. we spend all night long for doing an assignment. =.=" sometimes i really wanna have experience like other collage girls who can hang out with her friends to the mall buying cutey thingy after finish their class but ME ? i can't do that ! after my class finish we *architecture's student* in rush going back home and start to doing our homework until 4.00am or don't sleeping at all and we do that routine almost in 7 out of 7 days ... my eye's bag getting worst and worst T.T

And unfortunately i can't drink coffee, i always getting sick and wanna throw up when i drink coffee .. and if the caffeine on that coffee a bit high my heart will beating very fast and i can't concentration .. so what do i do to still wake up all night long doing my assignment ? 

1. Spend a little time to watch funny video on youtube, i usually watch kevjumba, nigahiga etc ..yeaaah funny videos can make me a little bit more fresh and less sleepy and i bet you can't hold up your laugh if you watch "Alpha Kenny Body" kevjumba's video or "Facebook The Movie" nigahiga's video.

Kevjumba "Alpha Kenny Body"

Nigahiga " Facebook The movie"

you can check their youtube channel if wanna check their others video, they are really funny .. :D

2. Drink a lot of water to makes me refresh and to keep me concentrating doing assignment

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3. Chatting with my classmate 

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Chatting helps me wake up all night long and also help me if i clumsy with my assignment :D, because i can ask my friends via chatting, i usually use facebook.

Maybe that's all my tips and my own experience to make me wake up when i have a lot of assignment, and what's yours ? please share with me :))


  1. aku malah jd hobby minum kopi gara2 tugas besar.. Alhamdulillah sudah melewatinya.. semangat ya!

    1. hahaha .. aku sih dapet dosen perancangan yg terkenal bnyak bgt tugasnya jadi tiap mnggu berasa tugas besar *nasib* ..dan sialnya aku g bisa mnum kopi .. g kuat lambung sama suka deg2an klo minum

  2. kepikiran semester2 awal vic...tiap malam lembur tugas..T___T
    untung udah terlalui...tapi kebiasaan tidur subuh gak sembuh2...hiks2...
    mataa pandaaaaaa....

    1. kamu lagi TA yaa mer ? aku sih masih setaun lagi T.T pengen cepet lulus ... arrggghhh