Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Makeup-nista Challenge : Batik

If you are Indonesian Makeup Junkies and don't know yet about Makeup-nista you must check racuncelle's blog because it will make a long post to describe it :D

Actually i did this accidentally when i played my liquid eyeliner and lined my eyes messily, i decided to continue the messy part and make a face art. I showed the result to my makeup-nista's friend and celle told me that why not i don't post it to my blog as a Makeup-nista Challenge entry. 

I promise i didn't do this in purpose so that  i don't wear my hijab T.T but i have already edited  it so my hair and my neck covered.

Product that i use :

2. Pixy liquid liner
3. Inez eyeliner in alaska blue

What do you think ?

By the way please check my other makeup-nista friend's entries !

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  1. Aw aw aw...akhirnya di post.

    Iya mending di post, makk. Sayang kalau sebagus ini di simpen aja :)))