Sunday, October 9, 2011

Inez Concealing Stick

Hello everyone~ long time no see, i'm currently super lazy and kind a busy to posting anything hahahhahaa .. right now i just wanna do a quick review of Inez Concealing Stick *btw it's my 1st concealer :p* . this concealer came with 2 shades light and medium, mine is light ..

and here is the product *pardon for the blurriness, i just using my cellphone .. my camera's battery is die*

really looks like a lipstick xD, right ?
btw i still keep the box so that my mother won't use it as lipstick, LOL

and here is the swatch :

what i love :
  • cheap, it's about $2.6
  • easy to blend
  • good for cover red area

what i hate :
  • the packaging is so blaahhh 

till next time, bye~


  1. it looks very creamy and thick which is good for heavy coverage.and i cant read the review because of the design of main wrapper the fonts are not visible....i am not sure if only i have this problem:(

  2. @benish : hi benish ! .. yes it is quite thick and worth to cover my imperfection, aah really ? maybe you must reload it because it visible .. :))

  3. aaaaaa~~~ PASSSSS !!!
    makasih ve :)
    ak emg lg mau pergi beli concealer eh pas buka blog mu ak baca ini.
    murce ^^

  4. @monic : hahahahaaa .. sip sip :D