Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pixy silky fit lipstick in choix camellia

Right now i just i wanna do a quick review of pixy satin lipstick in choix camellia, by the way this lipstick is from my friend :D .. 

and here is the product :

*please ignore the left lipstick*

really pretty color right ?

actually when my friend gave this lipstick i was like "wait a minute i guess i have similar shade like this and it from pixy too" when swatch them at home they look different although look similar in the tube.. *sigh*

left : Pixy glam lasting lipstick in ginger ale
right : Pixy silky fit lipstick in choix camellia

they look very similar right ? >.<

swatches :

description :
Pixy silky fit lipstick in choix camellia : sheer warm orange
Pixy glam lasting lipstick in ginger ale : milky warm orange

pros :
i really love this lipstick because it really natural *sheer color*, smells so good, doesn't make lip dry and glidely smooth on my lip .. PERFECT

cons :
staying power is so-so

that's all my review, i hope you like it

bye bye !!


  1. ♥●• İzdiher •●♥ : yes it is :D

  2. I'm loving the ginger ale. So pretty.Mashallah great blog.

  3. Such a pretty colour! it's neutral enough for everyday use but it's also a vibrant colour

  4. ga pernah cocok pake lipstik dari pixy,padahal warnanya cakep tapi bibir tetep aja kering biar udah pake lip balm :(

  5. @MUTIARA TANJUNG : oiyaa ?? ... aku punya 3 lipstik pixy dari 2 seri menurutku g kering, apa aku g meratiin yaaa ? hahahaha ... eh btw blognya diupdate dong mut :))

  6. Wah, malah keracunan yang ginger ale, soalnya lebih suka yg pigmented & nggak sheer

    BTW, bibir mana bibir??

    1. dua-duanya kembar tapi beda .. hahaha :D ini kan jaman baheula postnya jadi belum ada bibir2an LOL

  7. wahh penasarn pingin ngelihat swatchnya di bibirmu ^^

    1. Hihihi di tunggu yaa~ ada niat bikin all my lipsticks collection swatches ..