Saturday, October 15, 2011

Open my geo fresh grey (fc-725)

Hello-hello~ today i opened my geo fresh grey (fc-725), actually i want to open it maybe 5-6 months later because i still have geo tricolor brown (cm-902) that i have reviewed in HERE but i couldn't handle my self to open it because i SUPER curious how do they look on my eyes :D .. hahahahaaa ...

AGAIN sorry for blurriness because i just using my galaxy mini ..

if you can see an arrow shape, that's the part that you should pull if you wanna to open it



this metal part is so sharp, must be careful when you open it *you can use scissors to peel it*

peek-a-boo !!

dropped the lens on my hands to rinse the original solution

voilla !! this is my geo fresh grey (fc-725)

SUPER quick review :

i haven't use this lens because i still soak them in solution *don't use original solution in the bottle because it can sting your eyes :D* but when i rub it i feel this lenses slightly more stiff than my other geo lenses although their thickness is similar .. i don't know why .. 

i hope i can review this lens more detail after i using it so please stay tune :D

till next time, bye bye !!


  1. Hi salam kenal..
    Ak anak jogja jg hehe..
    Btw klo mau beli softlens geo dimana sih?
    Brp an harganya?

  2. haloo~ salam kenal jugaa ..

    langgananku disini :
    2. (facebooknya)

    link 2 diatas yang punya sama, basenya di palembang ..

    1. dy jual geo yg 14.00mm 80an, kalo yang 15.00 mm 90an .. dy olshop softlens plg murah menurutku dan dijamin asli, karna dy di palembang jadi ongkirnya rada mahal jadi enak beli banyak kalo engga rame2 .. dy jual macem2 merk

  3. sis, aku nemu nih di fb penjual softlens. Dia di Jkt jd ongkir lbh murah hehe
    Dia jual berbagai macam merk juga kok :D