Sunday, October 30, 2011

Viva cosmetics gave me some free products

Hello hello !!

i'm come back with super wide smile :D you know why ?? because viva cosmetics gave me a box of free products, yeaaaayy !!! *i love free stuff* .. Thanks a lot Viva i really appreciate it~ :))

and here is that i got from them :

-_____- my brother ripped it before i came home

inside the treasure box LOL :D

these are what i got !!! it's A LOT, they're so kind :))

i got eye shadow duo in number 4

swatch :

description : 
brown with hint of orange and beige and both of them contain shimmer *i adore shimmer*

i really like this color !! :D because lately i want a beige/nude eye shadow .. and now i have it yeaay !!! 

this lipstick in number 52

swatch :

description :
bright red with hint of plum

you know i'm kind a nude lipstick person so i gave this lipstick to my mother *she's bright lipstick sucker :D* but i curious with other shade and i hope i can buy it soon and by the way the texture is OK and doesn't make lips dry

left : eye & lip make remover 
i have tried this and it could remove eye shadow and non waterproof mascara

right : moisturizer with UV filter & green tea extract
i really surprised that this product is good, first time i was skeptical it'll work on me but when i used this all day long and washed my face in the evening .. my face felt really smooth :D

face powder in natural white
i haven't try this but i hope at least the shade will suit on my skin tone

Viva hand & body lotion bengkuang

and the last i got book catalog that contain of their products list and also quick tutorial *it's very helpful for me to choose their products in the future*

HOW CAN I GOT THAT  FREE PRODUCTS ? super EASY !! just click and register as a exclusive member on that site and you'll get that free products like me ... for more information you can also like their fan page on facebook :  *for Indonesian ONLY*

till next time guys, bye bye !!!


  1. dimanaa dimanaa paketankuu..kok blom nyampe2 jugaa.. >.<

  2. @maaiiroo: sabaaaar pasti dapet aku register udah dari juni tapi baru masuk ekslusif membernya 2 bulan lalu apa yaaaa .. itu aja baru dpet skrang :D

  3. lama ya mbak prosesnya?
    nyesel bgt baru tau, berharap dapet rangkaian make upnya,, soalnya gak begitu cocok ma skincarenya.. huhu

  4. @MeriskaPW : iyaaa lumayan lama .. sabar aja sista pasti dapet kok :D

  5. coool!!

  6. i like the lipstick colour ("=

    CMPang x

  7. wah asiknyaaa, btw~
    join giveawaynya yaa, thanks~

  8. ak uda daftr tp blm dikirim. lama ga sih itu say?

  9. * monic * : lumayan lama 2 bulan kayaknyaaa ...

  10. vic..isi punya ku juga sama cuma aku dapet eyeshadow no.2 dan compact powder,kalo yg mama ku dapet moisture cream,peeling cream,collagen cream,lipstik queen no.125, air mawar,masker bengkoang sama compact powder queen. aku lebih kepengen paketnya mama aku hehehe,aku ga nyampe seminggu vic dari daftar..cepet ya :)

  11. MUTIARA TANJUNG : mamaku juga aku daftarin dapet itu, hahhahaaa .. enaknyaa cepet aku daftar kluater pertama malah 1 bulan lebih baru nyampee =.="

  12. wah, asik dapet sampel gratis.
    aku belum dapet tuh.

  13. ahhh...aku juga dapet paket ini, seneng ya dapet gratisan meskipun setelah dicoba gak semuanya cocok :)

  14. hmmm begitu ngliad postinganya mba langsung otw ke viva
    naaz nya pas aku daftar napa eror mulu ya? nasib nasib