Monday, February 13, 2012

Caring Colors BB Cream in Luminizing (New series)

Hi guys today i wanna do a review of  Caring Colors BB Cream in Luminizing, actually i have all the series of their bb cream but i'll post it one by one :D

Lets start !!

Caring Colours Luminizing BB cream delivers a clean, bright and natural skin tone by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage, while Saccharomyces/Xylinum Black Tea Ferment and Pearl extract along with the anti oxidant properties of Vitamin E make your face more radiant. This multifunctional make-up cream, formulated with the mineral Tourmaline, to maintain skin rejuvenile, reviving the skin's natural radiance. Combined in an anti irritant, long lasting formula that delivers moisture and nutrition at the same time. Perfect care for your face in one simple step. 

Direction for use :

After moisturizing, smooth Caring Colours Luminizing BB cream evenly over your face, and finish with loose powder or two way cake

if you don't know yet i got all of them for free because of THIS

The luminizing series is the right side *the brown packaging one*

I love their packaging, because it looks so cute *short and fat hahahaha :D* 

very hygiene because it sealed so tight with aluminium foil 

I don't know it is because it's free so i got a sample size or there is only a half-bottle in it, i squeezed until half bottle but the bb cream didn't come out from the bottle

Swatch time !!

it yellow base, so it more suitable with Indonesian skin tone

Everlast series (old one)-Luminizing series
although in different series they have same color but the texture of luminizing is slightly more thick

After blend it a little bit they still have same color

can you the shimmer ?
the different from other series luminizing  contain shimmer but not glittery so still wearable for daily basis 

what i love :
  • It's free :p
  • Good coverage (the best out of all series)
  • Good staying power on me
  • Cute packaging
what i hate :
  • Nope

thanks for reading girls, see you soon !


  1. berarti kamu punya persediaan bb cream caring buat se-RT ya bok??? :)))))
    BBC caring ada yang shadenya pink nggak sih? Atau yang paling mendekati pink yang mana?

    1. wakakakkaak .. engga celle :D yang fair white aku kasih ke ibuku lagian isinya g penuh cuma separo tube, shadenya perasaan g ada yg ngepink deh kuning semua tapi g koneeeeng bgt..

    2. Tapi ituh dari swatchnya kelihatannya si luminizing nggak sekoneng everlast yah, say? Galau nih, pengen nyobain tapi takut nggak cocok shadenya..

    3. emg 3 3 nya klo mnurutku juga g ada yg koneng bgt kok .. kayaknya agak ke neutral kuningnya dikit sangat :D

    4. Tadi seharian muter ke 3 tempat (Mutiara, Gardena, Mirota kampus) nyari BBC Everlast. Kosong dimana-mana >'<

    5. hahahaaa .. anda belum bruntung :D, beli onlen aja kalo g celle

  2. di aku kok agak nge pink ya si everlast... jatuhnya jadi agak gelap gicu.... apa karena kulit mukaku yang terlalu kuning? *lebay... perasaan ga kuning2 bgt deh hahaha