Monday, February 20, 2012

SPICA .. Bang bang bang bang !!

Hahaha .. a lot of rookie boy band and girl band debuted  last months, some of them really Blaaaah~ (i won't tell :D) but i found SPICA really had a great skill for a rookie band, because ALL OF THEM can sing very well .. as you know that usually only half of members in a girl/boy band group that can sing well.. and rest of them are just lip sync singer LOL :D ..

and here's SPICA :

image source :

Their debut MV

and their live performance

really recommend to watch their live performance, i can tell that idol groups that really famous lately nothing compared with their voice

thanks for reading ! bye~


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  2. Hahaha...iya, banyak Girl Band baru yang cuma bisa mangap-mangap :D. Ini girl band mana?
    Awalnya aku nggak begitu merhatiin fenomena girl & boy band. Baru agak-agak memperhatikan setelah pacarku tergila-gila sama SNSD (DOEENKKK!!!!).

    1. ini GB korea juga .. wahahahahaa selera cowokmu bgus ! :D aku juga penggemar SNSD hehe

  3. How come these Korean girls are always tall and lean?!! Hahah. It's so weird that they seem to come in exactly same sizes. There's almost no variety. But yeah, I don't really follow Korean pop culture so maybe I'm wrong in the first place. XD

    1. hahahahaha korea the audition for trainee was very selecting so that the girl/boy band have perfect body shape ..

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