Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inez Blush On in Burning Sand 03

Just wanna do a quick review one of my recent hauls, and this product is Inez Blush On .. Inez blush on is famous with their great pigmentation but i never try them at all .. I'm really so last year :D hahaha ..

So Inez launched their new blush on shade about a couple months ago, they are Amaranth Pink and Burning Sand. Both of them are in pink shade, Amaranth pink is shimmery pale baby pink and Burning Sand is shimmery pale baby pink too~ but very slightly combined with peachy color .. 

I decided to try Burning Sand because it has slightly peachy color so it will definitely look pretty on my strong yellow skin tone *PURE baby pink color usually will look harsh on yellow skin tone*.

So here is the product :

Description :
Color Contour Plus Blusher with Blush
Available in selective shades to allow you to perform a real professional highlighting of your cheeks and to create a modest attractive blush. Apply after your liquid foundation and before the face powder. The value shades may be used to highlight your cheekbone and/or to make your face look longer or more rounded, to obtain a more lovely, vivid and attractive look.

click the picture above to see all ingredients !

Don't panic ! it just ugly packaging ! LOL
Yeah Inez's products are famous with their "not so pretty" packaging, everyone hopes at least they change the color or  everything hahahahahaa .. but because i'm not kind "packaging" minded person it doesn't effect me anything laa~

I really appreciate that Inez gave name shade for all their products, but for this shade i think it doesn't suit at all. I mean when i heard burning sand i definitely see sandy brown color across my mind. Maybe "Peachy pink" or -->"My heart"<-- would great name for this shade hahahahahaa .. LOL :D just kidding

*Without flash* it looks warm pink, but in reality the color is softer and not that dark

*With flash*

It comes with brush but it's too small, i prefer to use my own blush brush to apply it


As you can see the color is really pretty, pale baby pink with tiny hint of peach .. but i guess it only great/obvious on under NC30, for NC35 or more it will look whitey  

What i love :
  • Cheap $3.3 for 6g 
  • Big pan
  • Comes with big mirror 
  • Nice shade
  • Pigmented
  • The pink color nice for yellow tone
What i hate :
  • Powdery
  • Shimmery like crazy LOL :D
Repurchase : YES !! i wanna try the Gold Dipped Brick .. i heard that the shade is really pretty

Hope you enjoy it, if there's any question you can comment down bellow :))


  1. Padahal cakep, tapi shimmernya engga nahan ye boo?

    1. sumpah ini blush terdisko yang pernah aku coba ..shimmernya boook aduh kage nahan, berasa pake shimmering powder aja di muka ..tapi emg cakep sih warnanya makanya kecantol juga wkwkwkwk ...

  2. Eh, eniwei request penampakan di pipi dong :)

    1. udah nyoba chuu~ di poto susah bgt ngeliatin warnanyaa give up deh give up .. hahaha

    2. emang susyeeh ya nampakin blush on di pipi, pake flash ga keliatan, engga pake flash warnanya kurang jelas. tapi rasanya suka ga puas kalo belom liat penampakan di pipi. hehe..

    3. huhuhuu~ maaf yaa soalnya camdigku dasarnya washed out abis dan ini blush warnanya so kalem jadi kalo pas di poto di pipi samsek g kliatan :D

  3. Eh, aku masi belom ketemu loh tempat beli inez di Semarangggg. Padahal mau coba2, terutama lipsticknya TT^TT

    1. masa susah sis ? coba tanya dina pitaloka yang komen diatas dy juga org semarang .. mngkin dy tau :))

  4. Aku masih galau mau yang burning ama amaranth -_____-

    1. kalo galau beli dua-duanya aja maaak :D wkwkwwkw *setan bgt* .. kalo diswatch beti-beti aja kok mak.. kalo dipake g begitu kliatan bedanyanya kayanya