Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Revlon Wet/Dry Shadow Quad in Brazen Berry

This week is an Exam week for me *wish me luck*, i'll have an exam start tomorrow .. i hope i can do my best.

By the way i''ll review an eye shadow quad from Revlon, i've just realized that i never reviewing anything from this brand although i have some products from them hahahaha .. i hope i can do more review from this brand. 

And here is the product :

It comes with clear cover which is good because we can see the color clearly, oh yaa ! please don't mind the brush because it's from tammia and the original one is gone :P

Sorry if you can't read all ingredients because of that sticker

Directions: For softer look, apply eyeshadow dry with wide end of applicator. For contouring on crease or eye lining, apply darker shadow with narrow end of applicator. For a more dramatic look, slightly dampen applicator before use.

It comes with 4 depot, each depot is about 2cmx2.5cm

2 colors on the top are shimmery, buttery texture and the pigmentation are really good

2 colors at the bottom are matte *LEFT* and shimmery *RIGHT*  two of them less buttery compare to other two on the top but the pigmentation still really good



1. Shimmery peach color
2. Shimmer silver with hint of peach color
3. Matte taupe
4. Shimmery brown with hint purple/berry color

What i love :
  • Solid packaging
  • Good texture/buttery texture
  • Nice shade and good combination
  • Comes with matte and shimmery color
  • Good pigmentation
What i hate :
  • No mirror
  • Quite pricey $7.5-$7.9
Repurchase : Maybe, a bit pricey for me

thanks for reading, see you next time !!


  1. nice review :)
    Good luck for your exam~

    1. thank you sista~, wish me luck !!

  2. Mahal ye bok.
    Aku punya Revlon wet & dry eyeshadow, tapi yang isi dua. Teksturnya nggak ada butter2nya blas & kalau dipakai dry nggak pigmented. Tapi kayaknya yang isi 4 ini teksturnya lebih oke yak..

    1. iyee mpok mehoong~ .. ini teksturnya bagus lembut gitu pas di colek beda sama quad yang sama packagingnya namanya illuminating shadow powder .. itu kagak pigmented .. padahal harganya sama, tapi kalo repurchase mikir2 yee mnding merk local ajee LOL :D hahahahaa

    2. Iye deh, kayaknya mendingan Inez Venice. Teksturnya bagus trus warnanya juga kayaknya beti-beti :D

    3. yoi-yoi maaak .. kalo make up dekoratif aku mnding merk lokal aja deh, udah pigmented murce pula hahaha medit.com .. hahaha :D

  3. Harga segitu mending beli wnw color icon deh dapet 8 warna, ato yg lokalan aja. Diliat2 dari total reviewnya, lenongan dirimu udah beranak cucu banyak ya maak? request dong vanity set up nyoo :)

    1. iyaa mnding beli esedo lokal macem inez .. hahahaha, engga sih blum banyak ngumpulinnya bru setaunan juga :D aku g punya vanity desk aka meja dandan gitu .. makeup ama skincare cuma aku taruh diatas meja tempat tdur .. aduh susah deskripsiinnyaa .. trus makeupnya cuma aku kasih di pouch2 gitu dandan aja cuma diatas kasur trus madep jendela hahaha :D.. mnrutku g ada bagus2nya sih tapi ya boleh deh kpan2 post di blog

  4. Wow!! All of those colors are so pretty! ><

    1. yeaaah .. this is one of my favorite shadow quad :D