Friday, May 25, 2012

Martha Tilaar Beauty News E-book

Hello Girls ! meet me again, hahaha today i'm quite neat because i posted 3 post in a one day~ 

Just wanna inform you that i found a good news because you can download Martha Tilaar Beauty News E-book for FREE ! 

How to download it ?
just visit their website and you can download for free

What does it contain ?

I haven't read all of it but i can say it's very interesting e-book to read, it contains description of all Martha Tilaar products, behind the scene of their ads, and also their great events

i captured some pages and here they are ..

It has 76 pages, so i couldn't capture all of them laaa~ haha >.< if you interested to read it, just visit their website and download it

Happy reading !!


  1. Wah, asik banget nih..
    makasih infonya Vicky...

    brb donlot.. cusss... :)

    1. siiippp~ sama2 :D aku tadi iseng buka lgsg girang, makanya cepet2 share ..

  2. thanks for sharing~~~
    meluncur ke TKP ^^