Friday, May 4, 2012

Review : Geo BC-102 aka Geo Jazz Brown

Hi everyone long time no see ~ today i wanna share to you about my new pair of circle lens, i bought this lens about a month ago but i kind a lazy to review it .. it isn't because i don't like this lens but i just too lazy to make a blog post *slap my face* :D hahaha~

This circle lens called  Geo BC-102 aka Geo Jazz Brown, and it's a DUPE of Hana 30 days contact lens in iceye brown .. i chose this lens because i saw that this is one of the most natural circle lens out there.. so i decided to try them on.

by the way i bought this lens at, i really recommend this seller because they sell a lot of variation of lens with affordable prices .. but don't worry they only sell the " original " lens

it comes with a box and said " geo special brand limited edition", eemm .. i never got a box like this before in my geo nudy greyfresh grey, and my tricolor brown package, maybe geo BC-102 aka jazz brown is one of  their limited edition series

inside the package : 2 bottle glass and free lens case
please don't bother my high prescription =.="

see how cute are they ! ^^ my twin cat are so curious with my package .. they waiting me when i opened the package

Description :
Geo Jazz Brown aka BC-102
DIA : 14.2 mm 
B.C : 8.6
Water : 38 %
Life span : 1 year

If you don't know yet there are a lot of FAKE geo lenses out there so you must be careful ! the ORIGINAL one has a sticker at each bottle, scratch the silver part then you will see some codes then you have to check it at their official website

their official website :

As you can see geo BC-102 is a 1 tone circle lens *brown* with swirl pattern

my ugly eyes

can you see any any different ? yeaah .. this lens makes my eyes look bigger but not too much *happy*, although it has swirl pattern but in my dark brown eyes it blends very well so that i can't see the swirl pattern


see how natural it is !! it just slightly make bigger my eyes but not the color .. my mom can't tell that i using a lens :D kekeke~

  • Color_Design 10/10 : SUPER NATURAL 
  • Comfort 8/10 : i can use more than 8 hours but little bit drying in air conditioner room
  • Enlargement 7/10 : it's slightly makes my eyes bigger but not too much .. just slightly 
  • Overall 10/10 : overall i love this lens so much because it's very natural on me 

if you wanna a VERY natural lens i really recommend this one ! don't buy the black lens .. because it looks so fake,  ghostly look and unnatural

hope you enjoy this post, see you soon !


  1. your eyes look bigger~~
    agree with you, the color is looks so natural!
    Your twin cat are too cute >_<

    1. yes it is ! love this circle lens .. my cats thought it was a food so they came to me LOL :D

  2. Akkk...kucingnya lucu bangeeetttt >'<

  3. sukaa kucingnya
    nyu unyu unyu,ayo dekat2 kakak :3

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  5. Vik, btw pake eyeliner apaan sih itu? *OOTgakyaa...