Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saline solution

my eyes really sensitive but i'm kind a girl that adore beauty thingy .. so i really can't resist to use contact lens or circle lens .. hahaha :D 

i don't have 20 20 vision too~ that's makes me use circle lens quite often (use glasses makes my eyes look so tiny that i hate it so badly) ...

for circle lens user like me is a must to use saline solution that really makes my eyes really comfortable .. and here is some saline solution brand that i've ever used ...

  •  X2 comfort extra

about this product :

  1. cheap, it's about $ 3 or more i don't remember the fixed price
  2. weird, it's look like a liquid soap bubbly
  3. doesn't make my contact lens clean (i mean totally clean)
  4. can't protect my eyes from gems (several times i got sore eyes using this product)

  • O2 multi-purpose solution

about this product :
  1. cheap, it's about $ 2.5 - $ 3 
  2. makes my eyes red after i put on contact lens 
  3. it's too freeze and stingy 

  • Complete multi-purpose solution

*click to enlarge*

  • cheap for 350 ml, about $ 4.5
  • doesn't sting my eyes, very comfortable
  • makes my contact lens feel clean
  • protects my eyes from gems so good (i never got sore eye during use this product)

over all i feel comfortable using complete, how about you ? what's your favorite saline solution ?

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