Thursday, October 18, 2012

Circle Lens Haul

Hallo beauties~ .. because my Geo fresh grey and Geo tricolor brown already expired i decided to buy some circle lens for stock *i still have Geo jazz brown aka BC-102* and lucky me today package arrived, it only took 2 days till i get it. And by the way as usual this circle lens i bought at hehe~

I bought only 2 pairs, one clear contact and other is the colored one.

1. Oxi-five UV Blocker
BC : 8,60
DIA : 14,0 mm
Water contain : 55%
Made in UK

2. Vivian Pineapple in Grey
BC : 8,60
DIA : 17,2
Water contain : 56 %
Made in Japan

Super drolling laa~ but i can't use it before i get my artificial teeth WTF ! hahaha~

By the way have you ever use those brands before ? please share with me ^^


  1. Replies
    1. i want to show it but after i get my teeth *artificial* .. because a month ago i broke my teeth T.T

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    1. Thank you :D, i've visited you back ..

  3. Thanks for review, aku juga suka banget pake contact lens.. cuma ga bisa lama-lama karena mata saya cepet banget merah..
    BTW aku suka warna pineapple in grey nya.. soft dan ga terlalu ngejreng yah..
    Nice blog, very inspiring..

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    With love..

    1. biasa pake apa biasanya kok g kuat lama ? .. si vivian grey ini kalo di mata yang g pigment bakal terang banget kayak katarak cuma karena mataku guelep bgt malah g keluar greynya malah jadi keijo2an gelap gitu difoto pake flash baru keliatan abunya ..