Friday, August 5, 2011

Review : Geo tricolor brown (cm-902)

horaaay i've bought my new solution so i can open my geo tricolor brown :DD ...

Geo tricolor brown (cm-902)
DIA : 14.0 mm
B.C : 8.6
Water : 38 %
Life span : 1 year

in lens case it's looks more like soft yellow in the middle and soft brown at outer ring

although nudy series and tricolor series have a same diameter but tricolor looks more small than nudy series, it because the pattern of tricolor series doesn't full untill the edge of lens   

with flash 

sometime it look more grey or green than brown in my eyes, i guess it caused of my eyes is so dark  (=.=)a

with flash

under sun light

  • Color_Design 8/10 : natural looking, blend so well with my natural eye color, although it's 3 tone but it doesn't make eye ball poke / pointed like some other 3 tones lens that i ever seen before.
  • Comfort 10/10 : OMG this is the most comfortable lens that i ever used, i can't feel anything they're exist on my eyes, doesn't make my eyes dry.
  • Enlargement 5/10 : this isn't a circle lens so it doesn't make eyes look bigger or anything :p
  • Overall 9/10 : overall i love this lens so much, really natural, makes my eyes sparkly, and so comfortable ... the weakness is i can't distinguish if it upside down or not because the pattern and the color between outside and inside lens are totally identical T.T ..

i hope this review useful for you guys, and i hope you enjoy it ..

keep healthy all, i'll talk you soon !!


  1. it looks natural ... love it....

  2. cakep softlensnya di mata kamu deh ♥

  3. @anjei : yes it's really natural .. doesn't make my eyes like an alien :D

    @ vee : thanks hun .. :))

  4. mba vickyyyy cocok banget :D
    pengen pake soflens deh jadinya tapi aku takuuuut makeinnya >.<

  5. @ucciucrid : makasi ucciii .. ayo pake aja biar matanya bling-bling pasti lucuu :D

  6. @VividSaavY©2010 : aaaww thank you hun :D, thank for following, i've following u back by the way ...