Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silky Girl Moisture Gloss Lip Gloss

Actually i'm not such a lip gloss person .. that's way i just have two lip glosses, and both of it are Silky Girl  Moisture Gloss Lip Gloss. 

description from website :

It’s sheer brilliance on your lips with water-like effect. Infused with Aloe Vera to ensure lips remain moisturized and supple all day. 

left - right = sweet pink 05 - barely nude 17

sweet pink 05 : baby pink with blue undertone and white shimmer ? *don't know exactly the shimmer's color*

 barely nude 17 : it's kind a beige color with gold shimmer

and here's the swatch 

*click to enlarge*

pros :
  • crazy cheap, i bought it at mini market for $ 1.7 
  • quite a lot range of colors (8 colors)
  • can find it easily
  • slim design

cons :
  • little bit sticky
  • it too sheer for my taste
  • very little content 

over all quite like these lip glosses especially for barely nude, if you're interested you can check silky girl website, click here to check all products

thanks for reading, have a nice day !!!


  1. tertarik nih dengan produk dari silky girl,pa lagi pas diliat-liat murce ya..lipglossnya terlalu bling-blingnya?

  2. @MUTIARA TANJUNG : engga kok dia shimmernya subtle kok jadi g over blingy ting ting :D hahahha ..

  3. udah pernah nyoba wondershine wardah vick?
    bagus mana? wondershine ap lipgloss silky girl..
    lbh murah silky girl, jd pngen nyoba :D

  4. Monica Agustami Kristy : belum pernah nyobaa aku kalo wondershinenya wardah soalnya bkan pecinta lipgloss.. nyoba aja si SG ini kalo g suka kan g rugi2 amat .. murce ini :D hahaha ..