Thursday, August 25, 2011

La Tulipe eye shadow powder

annyeong everyone !! i wanna review some products again .. although it's only available in Indonesia let me review it in english .. :)) you know what i'm don't fluent in english so i try my best to use it regularly as often as i can .. so that my ability to speak english increased, i hope you understand ...

let's start !! ...

the label already disappeared, LOL :DD

forgive me, it gross too~ -____-"

pretty right ? :D

and here's the swatch

the 03 it's kind a blue purple duo chrome which very unique color and 13 it's such a copper  color (after you blend it well) .. both colors are gorgeous !! :DD

what i love :
  • cheap
  • highly pigmented
  • it content A LOT
  • small packaging

what i hate :
  • messy
  • if you sneeze ? it's game over, LOL :D

you can choose this product if you really want to try pigment/loose eye shadow but no budget for buy high end pigment such as mac pigment etc etc ... hahahahaha

thanks for reading guys, i hope you enjoy it ... bye bye !!!


  1. eh eh imutnyaaaa, itu eyeshadow ya sis?

  2. @*monic* : iyaaa itu loose esedoo .. pigmented bgt looo .. ayo ayo dicoba :p

  3. hehe, pastii. lg nyari esedo ungu sama oren soalnya. brp-an tuh? hihi

  4. @* monic * : wah aku lupa brapa hrganya yang pasti under 30k laaah ....

  5. under 30rb?
    hiyaaaa!!! hehee
    serbuu ah kalo ada counter la tulipe di magelang :D

  6. Aku punya yang biru..
    me like it too!!

  7. cobain yang inez juga vi..harganya cuma 17rb dan pigmented bgt.. :)

  8. @Vani Sagita : aku juga sukaaa .. warnanya unik bgt :D

    @MUTIARA TANJUNG : oh yaa ? wah boleh tuh kpan2 colek .. warnanya apa ajaa yaaa ?

  9. cara pakenya gmna sis? pake tangan aja kali ya